“Two-fifth of Google India’s search originates from mobile phones”: ADMA

Almost 50 % of all the country’s music revenue stem from mobile downloads

Recently Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) has released its ‘Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook 2012’ with collective data and trends across the Asia Pacific Markets. The report has revealed various aspects and trends spanning across internet & mobile in India. According to the findings of report, 9 percent of total internet population in the country go online through their smart phones and almost 50 % of all the mobile_internet_indiacountry’s music revenue stem from mobile downloads.

In order to make you understand the finding of report pertaining to growth of internet via mobile phones in India, we have filtered the key findings below:

· Of India general internet population, 9 % go online via their mobile phones.

· At the beginning of Q4, 2011,the number of mobile internet used reach 46 million.

· By 2015 India’s 4G service projected to account for 28 million connections.

· The mobile penetration could reach 54 % by 2020, where the subscriber base reaches 1.36 billion connections.

· Revenue generated by mobile services is projected to hit USD 30 billion by 2016. Currently the mobile services penetration rate is 51 % but should reach by 72 % by 2016.

· Almost 50 % of all the country’s music revenue stem from mobile downloads.

· The mobile classified market is valued at USD 45 million.

· Mobile advertising is set to grow by 10 fold within the coming five years. Its current value at us $ 11 million.mobile_shoppers_india

· Mobile advertising spend came to us $ 56.5 million in 2011. Its forecast to reach US $ 247 million by 2015.

· Two-fifth of Google India’s search originates from mobile phones.

· The main application being accessed by smart-phones In India are Facebook (45 %), GPS (40 %) & YouTube (33%).

· Indian smart-phones user spend 72 % of their time on games, entertainment, apps, general online, while 28 % their time spent on voice calling & text messaging.

· In 2011, 44 % of Indian mobile internet users  bought online content via their phone.

· India could become one of the world’s top five countries for smart-phones by 2016, representing almost 10 % of the entire world’s supply. In 2011, it represents 2.2 of it.

· The value of mobile banking in the country could reach US $ 350 billion by 2015.

– Download the report from here.

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