txtWeb Crosses 10 Million Users in India

txtWeb, has announced that it has clocked 10 million mobile users in India since it was launched in February, 2011.

txtweb_thumb.pngOpen platform for SMS based applications txtWeb, has announced that it has clocked 10 million mobile users in India since it was launched in February, 2011.

txtWeb provides access to various information including academic content, social networks, sports, latest news, financial tools, fun games and more via SMS. Currently, the txtWeb platform has 3000+ apps, built by more than 250 organizations, publishers and developers.

Sridhar Kumar, a student was the 10 millionth txtWeb user when he tried out the @railstat app.

India has approximately 900 million mobile phone users of which more than 600 million mobile phone users do not have access to mobile internet making the market for growth large for services like this.

There are other similar services like Innoz’s 55444 and Buzzanytime.

In December last year,  Innoz touched the one billion queries mark with the support of 120 million active users. Buzzanytime is different from the others in the sense that it does not use keywords and the replies are semi automated.

“We are delighted with the success we have achieved in a short span of time. txtWeb was conceptualised to allow users to capitalize on the power of the internet – without having to log onto the internet itself. Users are empowered with information and entertainment regardless of their choice of mobile device. Since launch we have engaged extensively with the developer community to constantly innovate and bring the best and most interesting apps onto the txtWeb platform,” said Manish Maheshwari, Director, txtWeb commenting on the milestone.

To use txtWeb as a SMS based browser, users SMS keywords to 92665 92665. Some of the key apps on the platform are @CRICBUZZ- an app to get the latest cricket scores and updates, @WIKIPEDIA to get the information from Wikipedia, @STOCKTIP to get latest stock tips and trends, SMS @PNRALERT (pnr number) to know the PNR status of your train tickets status.

txtWeb has also recently launched an Android app for smartphones that comes with the top 150 active apps from the txtWeb platform.

txtWeb is very developer focused and has held various events and contests to draw developers to the platform.

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