Google India Labs Launches Transliteration Bookmarklets


Google India Labs Launches Transliteration Bookmarklets

Google India labs has released transliteration bookmarklets that enables one to type in your language in any text box on any web site.

Supported languages are Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Tamil and Telugu.

For instance, you can add the Hindi bookmarklet to your browser bookmark and use the t13n on any website (even those who do not support t13n).
Website owners can implement the JS or GWT API to enable transliteration in the site text box. Google products, like Orkut, Gmail, blogger, knol, iGoogle gadget have already implemented t13n.

The product sounds interesting, but will have few takers – dependency on users to download the bookmarklet/remember that there is a bookmarklet while commenting etc is too much to ask for. I instead urge the team to work on removing the API limitations.

Interestingly, we have also covered mahaQ and Linguos, search engines for vernacular content.

Google has been spending lot of effort in transliteration (Google suggest in Hindi has graduated from labs and is now part of the main product) and is a great effort to increase the vernacular content production in India, lack of which is hurting the growth of Indian Internet user base.

What’s your opinion on Google transliteration?

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