Not Able To Find The Right Typeset For Your Website? Try These 2 Tools

Design is increasingly becoming an important factor in the technology space, be it for a product or on the web. Font and typesetting play a very integral part of any website’s design. If the font or typeset is wrong, it will impact the readability and content will feel less attractive to the viewers. Many a times, the right typeset and font can improve brand association and impact brandability.

There are plenty of design blogs and sites that tell you about principles and ideas about fonts and typesetting on the web. Here are two tools that can help you compare and review fonts and typesetting on the web.

Type Scale

Scale or size of a typeface or a font  is an important deciding factor in design of a web page.

Type Scale is a tool that lets users preview and review different font scales side by side. All you need to do is select a font, enter the preview text with a base font size for the body content and then surrounding values for headers and small copy. Once the values are entered into the boxes, the website will immediately display the different scalings for preview.


A pull out tab on the right side of the page will also display the typeset previews for different scales. An options form on the tab will also let you change attributes like header font family, weight of the font, background colour and font colour.


Typetester is another tool that lets you preview and review typefaces side by side. All you need to do is enter in the sample text, choose a typeface of your choice and enter in the values for different text attributes like size, leading, tracking, alignment, word space, decoration, colour, background.


Once the values are filled, the website will display the typesets according to different font styling like regular, bold, italics, bold italics etc. below each other in a column. You can compare upto 3 typefaces side by side at a time.

In case if you are aware of any other interesting tools for fonts or typesetting, do mentions in the comments below.

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