Tyroo Launches One API, Targets Developers Globally

Ad tech platform, Tyroo Technologies has announced the general availability of One API, a mobile CPI (Cost Per Install) performance platform.

One API targets app developers and publishers around the world and acts as a CPI mediation service that aggregates and prioritizes offers from hundreds of ad networks, publishers, and supply partners.

One API offers monetization tools for mobile publishers, including creative A/B testing, optimization, and offer wall capability. The platform features a single billing system and generates a single invoice for all campaigns, resulting in timely and transparent payouts.

In addition to this, One API functionally integrates a fraud protection and brokering elimination mechanism, while serving the most relevant ads to targeted audiences.

“One API is a game-changing product for app developers and publishers looking to monetize through CPI offers. The ability to discover offers from leading global networks through a single and easy to integrate API, with single window billing, is a huge level up on the competing platforms,” says Siddhartha Puri, CEO, Tyroo Technologies.