Tyroo Launches One API, Targets Developers Globally

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Tyroo Launches One API, Targets Developers Globally

Ad tech platform, Tyroo Technologies has announced the general availability of One API, a mobile CPI (Cost Per Install) performance platform.

One API targets app developers and publishers around the world and acts as a CPI mediation service that aggregates and prioritizes offers from hundreds of ad networks, publishers, and supply partners.

One API offers monetization tools for mobile publishers, including creative A/B testing, optimization, and offer wall capability. The platform features a single billing system and generates a single invoice for all campaigns, resulting in timely and transparent payouts.

In addition to this, One API functionally integrates a fraud protection and brokering elimination mechanism, while serving the most relevant ads to targeted audiences.

“One API is a game-changing product for app developers and publishers looking to monetize through CPI offers. The ability to discover offers from leading global networks through a single and easy to integrate API, with single window billing, is a huge level up on the competing platforms,” says Siddhartha Puri, CEO, Tyroo Technologies.

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  1. Robin Datt

    I don’t believe that Tyroo can do anything while working with PHP, OpenX. From technology point of you Tyroo is still lagging behind about 15 years if not 20. Still outdated technology stack are just suppressed by a sweet and loud media talks. Also I had a bad experience as a customer and good that you guys have tied up with star companies because ultimately you can’t really serve ads. You can serve fake talks.

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