UAE to develop laws for AI and Self-Driving cars : When you can’t understand technology, try to rein in.


UAE to develop laws for AI and Self-Driving cars : When you can’t understand technology, try to rein in.

UAE has a population of less than 10 million as per it’s 2013 census and outsiders outrank the Emirati by almost 6 to 1.

We have not heard of any technical marvels, created by Emirati in recent past, except the giant towers and buildings. Outsiders did all what makes and consists them.

Yet , UAE is one of the first countries of the world mulling over laws for self-driving cars and artificial intelligence.

To some extent self-driving cars laws seems quite probable and understandable. Since UAE has one of the toughest driving tests and laws. It also brings in considerable amount of revenue for the government. Anyone wanting to circumvent the tough and often draconian driving laws of UAE can do so by bringing in the self-driving vehicles.

Mohammad Al Gergawi, is the Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Future of UAE. He declared the intentions at World Economic Forum’s Global Future Councils in Dubai on Sunday.

He said, “We are going to be looking at the legislations around self-driving cars, 3-D printers and other kinds of artificial intelligence that governments all over the world are trying to understand.”

UAE is a country where outsiders rule the roost. For that matter Indians consist the majority of diaspora with almost 28% of the population. It makes sense for Emirati to understand the unraveling technologies of the future before the buck comes calling.

Outsiders outranking the locals with the aid of technology is not what Emirati people want to happen. They can not understand or work on the technology themselves, but they know one thing very well, how to rein in. They have managed to prosper on other’s labour by reining the people, and now they want to rein in over the technology.

Only time will tell what unfolds over Emirati people in the future. With AI and ML taking over, reining in technology is far difficult than reining in people.

May be some lessons here in from Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” might come in handy.

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