Uber Announces A Few Security Fixes (ShareMyETA button)


Uber Announces A Few Security Fixes (ShareMyETA button)

The transportation department will have a hearing next week to determine whether Uber can begin services again in Delhi or not. Recently, competition TaxiForSure launched panic button and Ola launched pink cabs to enhance security and Uber has now announced a few initiatives which primarily focus on reverifying driver documents and document verifications.

Bring Uber Back Campaign
Bring Uber Back Campaign

Going above and beyond required government verification, we’re engaging local and global experts to evaluate the most effective background screening solution across India; pilot programs are already running in select cities, including Delhi

Uber has also started Incident Response Team, a local and dedicated customer support center that will specialise on resolving critical issues.
One can also share their enhanced location using the newly launched feature,  ShareMyETA button. ShareMyETA allows you to send your complete trip details (including live GPS tracking, driver photo, name and vehicle license no.) to your loved ones.
Is this enough? What’s surprising is that government still hasn’t gotten its act when it comes to creating a national database of crime offenders and companies need to ‘figure out’ on their own.

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  1. Hope cannot be the strategy.

  2. Kamal Tripathi

    5-10 yrs back you would have said the same thing for google maps. Govt doesn’t have any records, how would you even collect data and show it on maps. And Google has done it.
    Your views are cynical. Having database is one step towards it. Yes no. of things depend on it, those too will be solved one by one. Only will is needed (by govt ofcourse). Everyone is ready to help out. Frankly, I had gone to a police station and my work being done satisfactorily, I gave my no. to SI over there asking him to call me if he needs any kind of technical help/supervision.

  3. Ok. So what’s the solution? Another ban?

  4. AD

    you must be seriously clueless with your head buried in the tech bubble. to make such a statement that govt still hasn’t gotten its act to create a national database. really. you want an overnight change? do you know we need fundamental police reforms before we given priority to tech what not? go visit a prison. which are you country are you reporting for??? India or Switzerland? even the US doesn’t have a fool proof system. we have a billion with a porous border and no national id. database pah….seriously all these techies think tech is answer for everything.

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