Uber Changes Business Model; Goes Not-For-Profit In NCR [Compliance]

Uber was banned in Delhi following the unfortunate incident. Accepting the government’s regulations, the US based cab service has resumed operations in the capital state and will adhere to the Pooch-O model which has been accepted by the Indian government.
Poocho is a mobile application launched by the Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) department. Poocho lets users discover the location of nearest autos and call the auto drivers directly on their personal mobile numbers to book a trip.uber11
PoochO acts as a marketplace between rider and driver, allowing riders easy access to the closest transport providers, and allowing drivers a way to more paying customers. It connects rider only to commercially licensed drivers and is a not-for-profit platform that takes no commissions or fees for its marketplace services. The model also requires all drivers to have a PSV (Public Service Vehicle) Badge issued by the Delhi government.
What this basically means is that Uber is currently working as a not for profit firm without any commissions or fees for the service they offer. They would continue to do so until the regulations are modified to suit a business model.
Also, the victim has moved to court against Uber and is looking for INR 100 crores settlement.

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