Uber Updates It’s App For Deaf And Hard-Of-Hearing Drivers In India

Uber taxi service will not let it’s drivers with hearing defects affect their business!!! In fact, it has just made it very easy for drivers with hearing defects. An update in Uber’s app which was launched in Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., has now gone live in India. Under this update, the customers would not have to cancel their drive due to the delays caused due to texting the deaf driver about their location and preferred time.

“We hope these features help extend the earning opportunity that Uber presents to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community,” Ben Metcalfe, head of product innovation at Uber.

This Is How The Initiative Through App Works Now In India:

– There is a special switch in the app, which when turned ‘on’ by the driver will flash light when a pickup request is received.

– The passenger would not be able to call the driver as the feature would be blocked and will hence have to provide special pickup instructions, can only to do so via text. The app would pop an additional screen for passengers to enter their destination, along with a note about the hearing defect of the driver.

Uber is also planning to get professional aid for training.

“Though the learning process is the same for all drivers, the trainers usually spend more time with them,” said Uber India spokesperson.

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