Again: Uber Driver Accused Of Molesting A Woman In Delhi

Now that the Uber rape case was about to go off people’s mind, another case of alleged harassment of a woman has surfaced.

Uber Sexual Harassment Case
Uber Sexual Harassment Case

As per allegations by the woman passenger, the Uber cab driver tried to forcefully kiss her and molest her and that her complaints to the web-based cab hailing service went unanswered.

Victim’s brother has shared the details on a Facebook post and from what it seems like, the ‘SOS button’ integration hasn’t gone beyond the PR value.

The worst thing, apart from the case itself ? Uber’s templatized reaction to this issue.

Recently, Uber announced its new India president and we hope things change for better.

“Our team immediately reached out to the rider via phone within a few minutes of receiving the feedback. Multiple members of the Uber team have spoken with the driver. Uber has a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate behaviour and immediate action has already been taken with the driver partner being deactivated while the matter is being thoroughly investigated. In order to protect the privacy of parties involved, we will continue to handle this matter directly with the concerned parties.

As discussed with the rider on the phone and email, our team is ready to assist further in any way we can to share information with authorities.

We can also confirm that the driver partner does have a valid PSV badge and commercial license issued by the Delhi authorities.” Gagan Bhatia, General Manager, Uber Delhi

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