Delhi Rape Victim Looks To Sue Uber In The US Courts


Delhi Rape Victim Looks To Sue Uber In The US Courts

The 25-year old woman who was allegedly raped by an Uber driver in Delhi plans to sue the company over negligence in the US courts.
The unidentified woman has apparently hired prominent New York-based lawyer Douglas Wigdor to represent her. There is a possibility that the US courts will exercise jurisdiction in the case as Uber’s policy was made in the US.
“I can confirm that I have been retained by the young lady who was raped by an Uber driver in Delhi, India, last December. Having met extensively with her and her family while in Delhi, I can only compliment them for their bravery and fortitude during this very difficult time,” said Wigdor, according to The Guardian.
The Delhi government has banned Uber from operating in the city, following the arrest of  Shiv Kumar Yadav, the accused in the case. The move has also sparked an outcry among users and authorities that Uber and other similar services are not doing enough to ensure the safety of their passengers.
Travis Kalanick, CEO and founder of Uber has said that the company will work alongside the Delhi authorities to bring the perpetrator to justice. He also said that the company was actively working on improving the system for screening drivers, and that the company will pay experts to come up with ways of improving safety of riders across India.
In the aftermath of the Uber Delhi rape case, rival Olacabs has rolled out pink cabs specifically for women travelers, while TaxiForSure has installed panic buttons in all its cabs, which upon being pressed will sound off an alarm at the company’s control room.

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