20,000 Uber Drivers In Bangalore May Go On Strike To Protest Against The Compensation System

The Karnataka State Drivers’ Association said that it will mobilize 20,000 Uber drivers and stop services today in a mark of protest against Uber’s alleged discrepancies in their driver payment system.

The company is said to have circulated advertisements claiming driver compensations up to Rs 90,000 a month. Manjunath S, an Uber employee said that every time a customer complaints, the company blocks the driver’s mobile phone for up to a week as penalty.

» Uber drivers in Hyderabad staged one-day hunger against the compensation policy.

They promise to pay incentives of Rs 100 per trip but if we do not complete the target of 13 trips a day, we get nothing,” added Manjunath while talking to TOI. He was among the 300 Uber drivers who held a protest at the company’s MG Road office on Wednesday.

Drivers also said to the TOI that they were given free phones and charged Rs300 a week for internet connections without their Knowledge.

“The incident being referred to involved a small group of drivers who defaulted on our system and hence can no longer use our platform. In terms of incentives, most of our driver partners are happy to take advantage of Uber’s lead generation technology, which provides flexibility and earning potential. We’re working with our driver partners on an individual basis to help address any concerns,” said an Un-named spokesperson from Uber. (Source: TOI)