Uber Faces Protests From Hyderabad Drivers Over Incentive Issues

Uber’s drivers in Hyderabad have protested against the company accusing Uber of dishonouring incentive promises.

Telangana Cabs and Bus Operators’ Association (TCBOA) president SyedNizamuddin alleged Uber lured thousands of cab drivers by promising monthly income of about 70,000 but they were not able to earn more than 15,000 owing to drastic cut in incentives and number of trips. Also, the incentives per ride for the drivers have been reduced from 225 to 150 in Hyderabad [via]

Drivers who have purchased cabs are now running in loss and are running  into huge debt traps.

Signs Of Time To Come?

Both Uber and Ola have been poaching / aggressively running for the drivers, who in the lure of money are ditching their ‘comfortable’ jobs. The party will end someday and it won’t leave the industry in good taste.

Is this a harbinger of the times to come? Can companies like Uber/Ola sustain/think of profitability and in the proceess, add tremendous value to the food chain as well?

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