Uber Has Apparently Made A Bid For As Much As $3bn For Nokia’s Here

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Uber Has Apparently Made A Bid For As Much As $3bn For Nokia’s Here

Ride hailing company Uber has apparently submitted a bid for as much as $3 billion for Nokia’s soon to be sold off Here mapping division.
As the startup tries to position itself as a logistics company, efficient mapping is becoming more important – something it relies on Google for right now.
Uber is going up against a consortium of German luxury carmakers Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, who’re looking to purchase Here as their self-driving car projects take off.
With Google being the biggest mapping provider and the company churning out its own self-driving vehicle, the automakers find safety in having their own mapping solutions.
Even Facebook and Microsoft could apparently be interested in buying Here, with the former company switching over to Here’s services to power its location data.
While Google has over 10 times the number of map users than Nokia’s Here, the Finnish company dominates the automotive mapping service, which is why it’s such an important asset for Uber and the German carmakers.
Uber’s move, however, tells us more about the company’s desire to move away from Google, who’s venture arm has invested in the company. The startup recently tied up with Carnegie Mellon University to develop self-driving vehicles, as opposed to an expected collaboration with Google’s own self-driving car project.

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