And Now, Uber Banned In Hyderabad [Overreacting?]

Uber, Ola and TaxiForSure were banned in Delhi due to violation of rules.

The Road Transport Association has decided to impose a ban on Uber cab services in Hyderabad after the government’s advisory over Delhi rape case.
“The Ministry of Home Affairs has advised the state government and union territories to ensure that the operations of web-based taxi services are stopped and such service providers which are not licensed with the state governments or union territory administration are prohibited to operate till they get registered themselves with the administration,” Rajnath Singh said in the Rajya Sabha. [via]
Earlier, Uber, Ola and TaxiForSure were banned in Delhi due to violation of rules.
Isn’t government overreacting? Banning won’t help control rape ; good administration does.
While cab services definitely need to improve on background checks and also OWN UP (read : A Look at T&C of Online cab services), banning cab services also translate to increased security concerns for the women traveler.
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  1. This is nothing but pure lobbying from other cab companies who have been negatively impacted and are taking full advantage of the situation.
    For the 1 bad driver, there are 1000s of other good drivers whose income will be severely impacted by this move.
    What is the govt going to do to give them jobs?
    Just like financial institutions have to do a KYC, employers have to do a bg check, they could have asked ALL cab operators to do the same instead. This would have created additional jobs by way of bg verifications agencies.

  2. @Ashwini, so you think regulations are ‘Chaos’? In fact, both your sentences are contradicting each other.

  3. Banning is not to control the rape.
    These services are operating illegally (as per the govt norms) and asking the services to get registered with Transport department.
    Yes it took an rape incident to identify that these services are operating illegally.

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