Uber India Shifts to Paytm-Only Payment Option

“While we believe this requirement is unnecessary and burdensome, we have engaged in constructive discussions with the RBI ”

Uber India’s tussle with RBI ends today as the company has shifted to Paytm-only, i.e. wallet only option.

Uber India's Partnership With Paytm
Uber India’s Partnership With Paytm

“Starting today, December 1st, you will no longer be able to request a ride using your India issued Credit Card directly through the app. For those holding an Indian credit card, the Paytm Wallet will be the only payment method available.
India’s current regulations require every transaction made with an Indian credit card, no matter how small the amount, to include two-factor authentication (2FA). “

Ofcourse, you can use the credit card option for rides taken outside India.

Uber’s Candid Note on RBI Policies

India is one of the largest market for Uber and the company isn’t going to let off the compliance issue so easily. In an official blogpost, the company has gone UnPluggd and has taken a shot at RBI for its policies.

Despite consumer preference and in the face of rapidly changing business expectations, India’s one-of-a-kind 2FA requirement persists, causing a major challenge for businesses trying to offer Indian consumers a better purchasing experience.
While we believe this requirement is unnecessary and burdensome, we have engaged in constructive discussions with the RBI and are committed to working with the Indian government to advance regulations that support innovation and job creation.

What’s next for Uber to solve? The service tax issue.

  1. Its definitely worth those extra seconds! Indian consumers are atleast safe this way. Way to go RBI! Uber, i think u guys should respect the process – Prashant, stuffpanda.com

  2. Online misuse of cards have dropped by 99% after RBI implemented it. It is certainly a step in the right direction. Extra 1 minute is not much a bother in the buying process. At least we do not have yet an Identity Theft issue in India.

  3. In a country of a billion where law catches on late and cyber policing is way behind times, 2FA does provide some sense of security to the users. It’s not that bad.

  4. It’s quite whiny of Uber to post this on their blog. The company is embroiled in legal issues all over the world. While I agree that some laws need to be changed but two-factor authentication is the step in right direction and Uber should learn to follow the laws of land in a mature way.

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