Uber Launches Bike Service In Bangalore [Rs. 3 / km]

Uber has announced the pilot launch of its new service–uberMOTO in Bangalore.

uberMOTO is a motorbike service to help people save time and money on short trips across town and provides last mile connectivity.

The uberMOTO option on the app will go live today and will work the same way as the other options – uberGO, uberX and uberBLACK, available on the platform.

uberMOTO rates start at Rs 15 + Rs 3 /km + Rs 1/min. The minimum fare is RS 15. Riders can key in uberMOTOBLR to get a free ride worth Rs 100.

People who own motorbikes/scooters can also become drivers on the platform and recoup the costs of their trips.

Amit  Jain, President, Uber India, said “Uber has always been at the forefront of innovation across the world. We are very excited to pilot uberMOTO in Bangalore–pairing our on-demand technology platform with motorbikes, the predominant mode of transport in India. Enabling transportation at the push of a button, uberMOTO will offer another affordable mobility option that will help people save time and money while helping cut congestion in our cities over time.”


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  1. though the transport department will create a ruckus to make all the bikes registered under this service as commercial, the people wouldn’t mind this service as long as it is economical and profitable after paying these taxes.

    In place like Goa and many smaller towns, there are Bike taxi stand which are registered with commercial license plates.

    on the other hand one must understand that Moto Pilots will be mostly those who are interested in bike pools and that the fare earned from these pools just supplement their incomes and cover their travel and bike maintenance costs to their work places.

    so the transport department should see this as a CSR activity where the no of vehicle on roads can be reduced and thus help in reducing the carbon footprint and traffic congestion by whatever little extent one can.

    for the Taxi aggregators, they must take into consideration that like cab drivers, they cannot have dedicated moto pilots as the moto pilots job is something that one will like to do as a part time like few hours before going to office or after logging out from the office.

    Also those in Marketing jobs who travel to meet various clients can give a ride to a customer and can pocket a small fare to take care of his snacks during the day.

    For the rider, He gets to reach his destination faster, economical and is not getting harassed / fleeced by auto-wallas.

    Another advantage is the rider will not have to worry about driving his vehicle to congested places, parking and getting his vehicle damaged, getting into fights etc. so overall peace of mind. Just instruct the driver the requirements about his appointments, preferred max speed etc, relax and enjoy the ride.

    thus it is a win win situation for the drivers and the riders.

  2. “People who own motorbikes/scooters can also become drivers on the platform” I can see the problem already for this model. Again the transport department will create a ruckus as these need to be registered as taxis. Baxi Taxi in Gurgaon has bike taxis and they are registered as commercial vehicles.

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