Uber Launches EXCHANGE, A Mentorship Program For Indian Entrepreneurs

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Uber Launches EXCHANGE, A Mentorship Program For Indian Entrepreneurs

Uber has announced a new partnership–uberEXCHANGE–with Invest India to provide mentorship for Indian entrepreneurs.

Over the 12 months the company will host a series of six leadership talks by senior Uber executives, including from experts headquarters in San Francisco.  Each session will address a different challenge that entrepreneurs face when founding their own company.


At the end of the program, 10 startups will be taken to San Francisco where they can meet global investors, fellow entrepreneurs and the team at Uber.

Speaking about the partnership, Travis Kalanick, Co-Founder and CEO of Uber, said:  “Today more and more people aspire to be entrepreneurs and build something themselves.  It’s why Prime Minister Modi’s start-up India initiative is so important–and why we’re excited to share our experience with hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs as they begin their journey.”

Startups can sign up by sending an email to investindia@uber.com.

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