Uber Introduces ‘Ride Request’ Button For Third-party Apps

Uber now allows third-party developers to integrate a ‘Ride Request’ button within their apps for free.

By adding the button next to every address or ‘intent to ride’, users will be able to tap to instantly get a ride to a hotel, restaride_request_devicesurant, movie theater or any other destination specified.

Developers need to first register their App on the ‘Uber Developer Dashboard’ to install an iOS or Android SDK. They can then configure and display the Ride Request Button next to every address or ‘intent to ride’.

The button can be optimized by specifying as much info about the Trip—Pickup Location, Destination, Product etc.

On tap, existing users will be deep-linked into the Uber app with their ride pre-configured so they can get moving quickly. New users will be directed to download the app from the App store.

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