Uber Driver Threatens Riders; Demands For Cash Payment

It’s been a bad week for ride hailing services in India, there have been at least 3 reported instances of driver misbehaviour and in some cases even threats of violence have been made.


In the latest incident, an Uber driver in Bhubaneshwar who demanded to be paid in cash threatened riders with their lives when they refused.

Uber’s strict no-cash policy doesn’t seem to have meant anything as the driver insisted that he was instructed to take cash unless the bill read Rs 0, a system which Ola follows.

It’s hardly likely that the driver was unaware of the no-cash policy and was in all probability trying to earn a little extra on the side by making threats.

When asked to contact the Uber office, the driver said they were open for just 2 hours a day and had instructed him to take cash payments, all this while making threats to call goons if the riders didn’t pay.

In a bid to avoid any violence the riders paid the driver and got everything on video. It isn’t clear if the riders have gotten in touch with Uber but they have written about their ordeal in a blog post.

It’s incidents like these that make people question the security of using app-based taxi services, especially since the transaction isn’t up-front in a lot of cases. Better training, driver screening and strict policies against customer harassment are a must.

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