Uber Could Soon Resume Its Service In Delhi

Taxi-hailing service Uber could soon restart its operations in the Indian capital following its application to procure a radio taxi license.
The service was banned late last year after one of its drivers allegedly raped a female passenger, who is now attempting to sue the company in US Courts. The news was confirmed by an Uber spokesperson, who added the the company will improve passenger safety in India.
Uber claims its additional passenger safety measures include more stringent background checks for drivers, while also introducing an in-app emergency button. Further the company says it has setup a dedicated incident response team which.
The Uber rape case not only led to the ban of its service in Delhi, but all other ride-hailing apps. Rivals Olacabs and TaxiForSure too have beefed up passenger safety by introducing panic buttons, pepper spray and even special pink cabs for women passengers.

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