Uber Integrates SOS Button With Local Police Control Room [Safety]

In a first-serious attempt to focus on security of the customers, Uber launched SOS button (which was launched 2 months back) and has now announced the integration with local police control room.
Now, when you push the SOS button, two things will happen:

  1. You are immediately able to connect with local law enforcement on the phone
  2. A real-time ‘SOS alert’ is automatically generated and sent directly to the local Police control room.
Uber SOS Button Integrated With Local Police
Uber SOS Button Integrated With Local Police

Uber SOS Alert

The Uber SOS alert contains critical trip information including exact vehicle location (tracked via GPS). This information is projected on a dedicated screen in the control room of local law enforcement which has been set up by Uber’s safety experts.

Uber : Police Control Room
Uber : Police Control Room

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