Ubona powers Tata Sky’s call center

Ubona, the voice recognition startup has partnered with Tata Sky to power their call centers in Chandigarh, Pune and Hyderabad (English language support only).

Once the subscriber dials in at the Tata Sky helpline, the subscriber now has an option of the Ubona IVR service which guides him through the process of choosing the required service. Additionally the system provides information on the monthly charges before adding the package and is also equipped to check for balance in the subscriber’s account. Alternatively the subscriber also has the option of speaking to the Tata Sky customer care executive directly for additional information.

The first two applications that has bee deployed are:
1. to provision all add-on packages or channel for which extra amount is charged. The subscriber can say the name of the package or channel (sports Gold, NDTV imagine) etc and the system provisions the request online in set top boxes after checking his plan and amount of balance
that is left in the account.
2. to provision pay per view movies which Tata sky showcases or its subscribers. The movies change after two/ three days. Here the subscrber says the movie name and day when he wants to watch the movie. The movie gets provisioned after he confirms the payment.

Ubona has raised Series A from Capital18.

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