Sex, Typos & Randomness Top Mobile Search; No Surprises There!

Adult content still leads the list of most searched items on mobile devices, according to a recent report.

Mobile browser UC Browser, which has the largest market share amongst mobile devices in India, has listed adult content and the word ‘Google’ as the most searched terms.

Here is a list of the top 5 weirdest things people search on UC Browser

  1. Adult Content

30% of the search on the browser is related to sex! No surprise there. In fact, it is surprising that its only 30%.

Adult content

  1. “Google”

The word “google” is among the top 10 most searched keywords. Are people getting too lazy to type


  1. “f”,“a”,“j”,“g”,“r”,“t”,“m”,“j”,“k”…

Search engines have become modern society’s fountain of all knowledge. Yet, can the all-knowing search engines explain why people search for random letters such as “f”,“a”,“j”,“g”,“r”,“t”,“m” and “j”? asks the report.

Surprisingly, all those letters are among the top 500 most searched keywords.


  1. “OK”, “www”

People may search for random letters by mistake, but searching for “ok” and “www” doesn’t seem to be accidental. Perhaps, people just want to hang around the internet, but don’t know exactly what they want. Can you offer a better explanation?


  1. “faceboo”, “facbook”, “fcebook”, “videso”

Obviously, these are typos.


 UC Browser, currently has over 500 million users worldwide and is the market leader in India with a 32% market share. The company also recently launched a train inquiry service in India that allows users to check train status and ticketing information.

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