Help uChek Build a Medical Lab On Your Phone; Crowd Funding Campaign Goes Live Today

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Help uChek Build a Medical Lab On Your Phone; Crowd Funding Campaign Goes Live Today

Update: The uChek crowd-funding campaign has gone live today. If you are looking to do your bit, head here.

Remember uChek? The cell phone based urine analysis kit? It’s getting a massive upgrade. And its makers at Biosense Technologies are crowdsourcing the whole thing. If the success of Scanadu Scout, the Star Trek like health monitor which asked for $100,000 and received $1.6 mn on Indiegogo is any sign, this campaign is also likely to be successful.

wrong with the current version? Here’s what they heard from customers

a) Can the Cuboid be made better, easier to use? How about making do without the Color Mat?
Can the App provide more than just “data”. How about powerful analytics? Meaningful, actionable information?
c) Can’t we have the option to sync the data to the cloud, access it and export it from anywhere?
d) Can’t we have the test strips do more? Can’t these be made and shipped by you?
And their reply?

Well…Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!

What’s the new device about? It’s a medical lab in your phone!

Myshkin Ingawale, the CEO & Co-Founder of Biosense Technologies is taking a meta approach to crowdsourcing.

I’m involving existing users (“fans”!) in crafting our crowdsourcing campaign. Rather new to me – but am happy to be “meta” – I am crowdsourcing the crowdsourcing campaign.

The campaign goes live on 30 July 2013, and you can help them draft the campaign page, write a testimonial, spread the word, support and contribute to the campaign.

Bad-ass light-box, Powerful Analytics & More

The new uChek Universal has an upgraded light-box (most bad ass light box possible in their words) made of medical grade ABS plastic and an easy to use interface. The cuboid 2.0 will be pretty much plug and play. Here’s a sneak peak at the second version of the device

The Cuboid 2.0 from Biosense Technologies
The Cuboid 2.0 from Biosense Technologies

The Universal app will be the coolest part of the upgrade. The earlier version — uChek lite– could only log data. This one can analyze it, advice and make recommendations! While the User Interface remains the same, it will aspire to answer an important question: Is this normal?

Here’s what the team plans to do: The whole point, we believe, is to get to this critical information BEFORE that stage. The whole point of an early warning is that it should be early. And this is what the Universal’s app is now equipped to deliver.

The app will track 14 parameters including Glucose, Protein, Urobilinogen, Calcium, Blood, Creatinine, pH, Ketone, Bilirubin, Specific Gravity, Nitrites, Leucocyte, Ascorbic Acid and Microalbumin.  Microalbumin and Creatinine are 2 vital parameters to detect early signs of kidney disease and diabetes.

Here’s a look at how diseases are mapped on uChek

Disease Mapping on uChek
Disease Mapping on uChek

All this, will be on the cloud with an open API to build on the existing platform. The opt-in feature will comply with regulations and keep data confidential, unless explicitly shared by the user, says Biosense Technologies.  More details here.

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