Uhuroo : Information Sharing Platform for Enterprise

Uhuroo is an easy-to-use information sharing platform that enables teams within and across companies to collect, share information (notes, important emails, documents, web-pages, folders, etc) in a flash, manage collaborations, and ensure that all their information and conversations remain secure and available for future reference and quick consolidation.

Couple of interesting features:

  • Plugins for Information Collection (for e.g. outlook plugin/browser plugin)
  • Smart Tags for Efficient Content Organization
  • Group Management to enable Information Sharing
  • Content Aggregator for Information Consolidation & Codification

In essence, Uhuroo is Google notebook meets enterprise collaboration service (and a lot more) and takes collaboration to the next logical level where participants’ responses do not remain fragmented but get consolidated for further analysis and classification – all hosted on one’s premise.

The team is incubated in IIT Mumbai, raised seed fund from seedfund and has conducted pilot study with few companies.

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