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[In the previous part of Coffee With Two Friends: UX And UI [#Talk]you read about UI’s thoughts, aspects & tips for those graphic designers who are willing to make a notable difference in UI design industry. Now, here I am again with UX & we are going to know about his thoughts and valuable insights of current user experience– the flows & flaws. So, let the opinions pour!)
Me: Welcome UX! I just had a talk with UI about what she really stands for and received some useful insights. The whole conversation with UI makes me more curious about you; so, please share with us about what you really stand for? What is all about this great chemistry between you & UI?
UX: I am sure that UI must have mentioned that she stands for Help & that is so unquestionably true. But I would say that she’s more than just help – that she’s also an extended care system!
What I mean is that present era customers don’tjust want a one-time solution. The customers want more comfort, more personal interaction & even more smiles during the time they are sticking around and using your product.
This comfort and satisfaction on the user’s end is only possible when you, the product designer is capable enough to put emotions, sentiments and warmth into your brand appearance. An extended care system helps you in doing that! It will help you in reaching out to that psychological level of users, at which they will be able to make their decisions.
This care has a two-way perspective. Let me explain:
User Perspective- Let’s say we decide to go for a movie in a new cinema hall in town. So, what’s the main element of attraction here? Obviously it’s the movie.
We see the trailer, we read the reviews & we go for it. But in this whole scenario, did we give that cinema hall a serious thought? May be a little! All we have been talking and thinking about is the movie. But have you considered the external parameters that can make you like or dislike the movie? Let’s consider these two scenarios:
Scene 1: Alright! Here we are! Watching one of the most awaited movie & it’s… Oh god! My chair, damn thing have started bothering me since I got here, it’s not comfortable at all & look at the space between chair rows, so congested&… Hey, hey! What was that? Is that a rat? Oh my…….!
Scene 2: Alright! Here we are! Wow! This hall looks good. Nice interior, nice background music & perfect air-conditioning! Amazing! This comfortable seat just feels heavenly good. Everything is so awesome here. Love this cinema.
So, it’s all about the experience you get when you are out there to watch your most awaited movie. Everything in the cinema hall is going to affect you – good and bad both – seat comfort, air conditioning, cleanliness, environment etc.As a customer, you expect the cinema’s management to proactively take care of these things, without you having to ask for it.
This care is what matters the most, it helps you in taking the important decision whether you are going to revisit that same service provider. Learning – The hall’s future will always depend on the care it provides, as it can either turn you into a loyal customer or just see you walk away.
Design Perspective – Can user experience be designed? YES! But you will have to change your perspective. I mean, you will have to see, rather feel what your customer feels. How? Well, the solution is ‘Observation’. Interest isn’t enough to get proper result or conclusion. It also needs involvement. In the case of Cinema hall, owner must be aware about the feeling which ultimately leads to enjoying a movie. If he is familiar with those experiences, he will definitely provide you the best user experience you can possibly get. Hence learning how to care through experiences undoubtedly will help in building a long lasting pleasing relationship with your potential audience.
And about the chemistry thing you asked, so let me show you:
You create a design, user shares his opinion and you rectify the design until user gets exactly what your design was created for. UI helps you to find exactly what you need & UX takes care to make it hassle free.
“User-experience is not like usability – it is about feelings. The aim here is to create happiness. You want people to feel happy before, during and after they have used your product. Focus on making it easy to be happy; and usability, user-experience and greatness will come all by itself.” – The Battle Between Usability and User-Experience
Me: Okay!No offence to you UX! But I have to ask this, can we count UX as a certain element that can help our product grow in a large scale? Can we build a sustainable business based on our User Experience?
UX:Are you kidding me? Of course we can. All the hard work, efforts, strategies are always worth something! What if you build a product which is far away from your user’s needs?It is delivered if you care well, listen well and act well.
If I connect this to your interest in fashion, then tell me, how often you change your dressing style just to get other’s attention? If you change often without consulting others, then you’re taking a chance; however if you change as per others’ feedback, then you are more likely making positive progress.
Your business too needs the same, i.e. a proper, filtered UX feedback which will make things certain for you and build strong pillars for your business structure.
So get rid of your imaginary Self-Fan club now because you’re missing out those wonderful reactions and feedbacks which are ready to fill you & your business with more awesomeness!
Me: Thanks UX! You cleared my doubts now. Well! About being loyal to a product,So many times I feel that our enthusiasm about a service or product goes dead after a period of time. Even after a nice fancy start they produce nothing but boredom. How can we fix it?How can we convert a short term good user experience in to a long term great user experience? What are the key factors?
UX: Well! The enthusiasm that you feel at the initial level of using a product service, needs to be felt by the providers too.More importantly this feeling should exist throughout life time and not just till the initial level. The reasons behind the enthusiasm dying after a period of time is that the providers start witnessing failures and also they stop trying to find out the core factors/entities the user is actually craving/looking for.
Here, let me show you what The Rockefeller Corporation study found about why customers leave a company:
Why-customers-leaveYou see, once again it’s the care that matters most. People always stay along only when they feel that they are being valued.
Actually, it’s not only about some software or product we are talking around, it’s applicable in our lives too as in various other aspects. We all are aware of it.
For conversion of a short term good UX in to a long term great one, you just have to catch that first excitement of your user when they start using your product & you too will end-up with a way to establish a wonderful relation with him. Recognition of those initial elements is the primary thing that you must have in your to-do list to make your customer stay along for long.
Here are some points in my opinion that are suitable enough to make your customer smile wide, through the time.

  1. Plan out according to Initial indicators.
  2. Always remember! You are providing a solution. Just make sure your user gets it at once and not in an ambiguous way.
  3. You know why a user comes to you?Mostly because a problem exists in his/her system & he/she wants a solution of it which is where you come in the picture. You have to talk about your core solution’s features primarily and not supportive ones as being supportive, they come a little later.

4.Nothing can beat your real life experiences. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of them.
5.To figure out real needs, close your eyes & say, “I hope that somebody would make this for me.” & you will find yourself sitting on your customer’s chair.
6.If possible, have open communication with your customers in real life. Because, behind shiny display & wireframes, there is an actual person using it.
7. If you are one of those who think, if one customer leaves me it won’t cost me much then you’re on the wrong path. ‘Each & every single customer is important.’ Implant this in your head right now.
8.Offers, contests, blogs, webinars, live seminars etc. are all those things that keep your audience engaged. Figure out what they like the most in your solution & plan a rational & attractive engagement program around it.
Me: Okay UX! I believe your thoughts will be very useful for the readers. What you think UI!
UI: Oh sure! I agree with everything UX said. A business will always be fruitful only if you’re on the right time, at the right place, with the right environment. Because at the end of the day, you got a business counting on you.
UX: Well UI! In the name of business, here I am going to share with you guys some awesome business quotes from movies & they will drive your mind in many different ways but will ultimately take youto only one thing – Real Business.
Me: Fascinating UX! You guys always come up with some very cool stuff.I like that.
Well! It was really great talking to you guys. I really want to thank both of you for making our life easier. Without your help & care we can’t imagine what our daily lives will be.
I really hope & actually I know that these crucial information& insights you gave us, will be very helpful for everyone here.
I am feeling honored & extremely glad to be here. Once again thank you so much for all this.
UI: Thanks to you User! We appreciate your concerns about us & yeah! It’s been a good talk. Right UX?
UX: Oh yeah UI! Absolutely! Healthy& great conversation. Thanks User for this.
Me: Oh! You guys flattered me. Okay then, Goodbye for now.
UX & UI: Goodbye User! 🙂
[Ashutosh Shukla is UI designer at Solomo Media. More interested in function than form, he started his career by designing 3D models for Indian Air Force. His approach to Design is via Conversations, Observations and Reactions, trying to find reasons behind every pixel. Follow him on twitter @AshutoshShuklaG.]

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