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There has been a lot of confusion and chaos over the role of product management. The definition varies from company to company, geography to geography and even differs with the team.

Around a year back, we launched our product management course and we were quite surprised to see that the overall knowledge about product management function in the industry is still very basic.

The aspiring PMs are mostly brainwashed by premium certificate-sellers, only to realise that a certificate with no practical wisdom has no value (after they have been looted towards the upwards of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs).


Presenting to you, the Unboxing Product Management series of videos, AMAs and meet-ups , designed to bring you all the real and practical wisdom needed to not just transition, but also to scale into product management career.


Cut through the noise and get to the real wisdom on Product Management - from the DOERs across different industries and stages.


Engage with global product leaders - across online (community forum) as well as offline events (meetups). Seek. Learn. Explore.


What EXACTLY does a Product Manager do?

Product Management is inherently multi-disciplinary and true roles differ from company to company. In this video, Ashish Sinha provides a succinct and accurate take on this question to help newcomers and intermediate Product Managers alike.

How do I transition from Engineering to Product Management?

How do I transition from engineering to Product Management Function? What do I need to unlearn and learn when I am switching from engineering to product management ?

Multiple Activities Planned

Sep 5th

AMA on Understanding the Product Management Function.

SEP 11

WEBINAR on Consumer Product Management

SEP 14

on Defining Product Management Function

SEP 18

AMA on Transitioning into Product Management function

SEP 25

AMA on SAAS / Enterprise Product Management

SEP 28

On Becoming a great product manager

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