Unbundling Justdial : This Is How 68+ Startups Are Disrupting JD !

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Unbundling Justdial : This Is How 68+ Startups Are Disrupting JD !

Justdial, the undisputed local search leader is being disrupted and unbundled by several startups and global players.
Over the last 6 months, Justdial stock has fallen by 34% and a lot depends on its Search+ service which will be announced this month.

Justdial Stock Price (6 month ~30% fall)
Justdial Stock Price (6 month ~34% fall)

The disruption is happening at an extent that Justdial current investors are offloading their shares and are instead investing in startups who are unbundling Justdial.
Recently, Tiger sold 2.1% stake in Justdial for $25mn (~18X return). Last year, SAIF and Sequoia Capital part-exited Justdial.

Startups That Are Unbundling Justdial

Currently, there are more than 68+ startups* (including global players) who are disrupting Justdial – across different categories ranging from home delivery services to hotels/restaurant/utility/real estate to chemists/medical services.
What’s interesting is how Justdial’s existing investors – Sequoia, SAIF and Tiger are leading the “unbundling round”having tasted the (local + search) blood !

Unbundling Justdial : This is how startups are doing it
Unbundling Justdial : This is how startups are doing it

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* : If you are a startup disrupting Justdial and we have missed your name – share the details here. We will try to accommodate most of you.
[Data compiled by Sandeep Reddy, Ashish Sinha and Swathi.]

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  1. Please include details of our startup http://www.hamaraevent.com we help people in finding and booking a venue for any event. We are unbundling Justdial for Banquets category. Liked the way the details are represented here.

  2. Please include details of our startup HamaraEvent.com we help people in finding and booking a venue for any event. We are unbundling Justdial for Banquets category. Liked the way the details are represented here.

  3. tejash1

    Please add details of our start up http://www.skinsecrets.in – We are unbundling justdial for Beauty and Spa category.

  4. tejash1

    This is very interesting observation i must say and nice way to represent as well !!

  5. Shyam

    This is a nice representation … reminds me of craigslist unbundling article…. http://www.businessinsider.in/Heres-Proof-Every-Startup-Idea-Youve-Ever-Had-Craigslist-Already-Does/articleshow/40422981.cms
    But in my personal view just unbundling won’t suffice…
    Local-search space today, is going through a phenomenon where what justdial offered across many verticals since 1996-2015 is not what people want now, even if the new start-ups offer the exact same thing deeply focusing on 1 vertical.
    In my view, People have moved on & most of these unbundling firms are trying to offer the exact same things in 2015 for their verticals than trying to change the OFFERING to what people have moved on to. That is my concern.
    Justdial’s solution broadly offered the below:
    1) Constantly keep Increasing the Volume of listings.. ~9million listing, with meta data like hours, directions, menu etc –> to give ppl lots of choices/options when there was no data online…
    2) Constantly keep Promoting businesses based on how much they paid justdial & share leads to businesses, who paid the most. (Today there is so much hatred that many businesses listed in justdial did not get even chance to be discovered owing to paid-promotions by few wealthy merchants purchasing all leads)
    3) Last but not the least, Keep sharing the user-leads to businesses which paid the most and allowing businesses to respond to the leads without any care for user-privacy.
    Justdial did & is doing a fabulous job of bringing BSNL YELLOW PAGES online and giving users the comfort of calling any merchant from their couches and getting quotes, comparing prices etc. But what has changed between 1996-2015 is to what people have moved on to…
    a) Today people dont have time to research 30 choices of stores/merchants/service-pros
    b) Today people don’t have space/memory/speed in their phones to support 30 vertical-apps – 1 for food, 1 for furniture, 1 for doctor and 20 utility apps..1 for banking, 1 for train etc..
    c) Today people’s attention span to a task at hand is broken up into shorter dis-continous bursts of time…between the different things they parallely do i.e. between them whatsapping to their office colleague, facebook-liking to a friend’s post, while playing with their kid & listening to their spouse’s concern on something & watching arnab goswami show in TV they are looking to find the right store/service-pro for their need..and this shorter-bursts-of-time & attention span keeps continuing
    These newer startups should quickly adopt/innovate the solution in such a way to really address the pain-points of JUSTDIAL’s offering & suit to where people & their living styles have moved on to.
    My personal hunch is that:
    Most important of all w.r.t People’s behaviour & expectations change is that amidst the shorter time span and bursts of discontinuous periods of attention, Today people dont want ANSWERS i.e. search results, that is generic, after which they need to read 30 reviews for each of the search-result, find ratings, connect with store-owners/service-pros to find out what they want & finally decide to BUY/HIRE with uncertainty of a happy result.
    Instead they simply want a personalized SOLUTION for their needs where all the above can be handled over their mobile, over discontinuous bursts-of-their available time from 1-place & not over 30 separate APPS, that their phones can’t support. That’s the future am talking about , a JUSTDIAL 2.0  bundled for user’s comfort, working with these start-ups that specialize in their verticals, but delivering a solution that is highly user-suited & fitting naturally in people’s current style of living, finding info & deciding on right shops/service-pros with higher certainty of happy result.
    We are already seeing a trend towards that…in the West – Operator – a Uber cofounder startup & East Weixin: WeChat of China are opertating with the above principles of JUSTDIAL 2.0 & there is already GOOGLE (apps integrated into google-now) & FACEBOOK (Fb messenger for businesses) trying to offer different forms of UNBUNDLING of APPS(http://ben-evans.com/benedictevans/2014/8/1/app-unbundling-search-and-discovery) to address the limited mobile-space/memory/speed & limited user-attention-span, user-mindshare aspects that am referring above.

  6. Really

    Loved the pictorial presentation..

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