StartUp #7 – Unbxd Search Boosts eCommerce Revenue By Helping Visitors Find The Right Products

Unbxd Search is an intelligent search engine which can be ‘plugged’ into websites such as eCommerce sites and provides the search functionality such sites. Apart from being highly customizable and platform/architecture agnostic, it provides for a lightning fast accurate search. More features include automatic spelling check and correct, synonym match and suggest, autocompletion in the search box and dynamic navigation using facets. Unbxd Search has helped customers on eCommerce sites find the right products and increase transactions (buys) which boosts revenues upto 12-15%. 


Searching for data plays a central role in user experience. This is more so the case with search-driven websites such as e-commerce and online retail. By enabling visitors to find what they are searching for, our product enhances user experience and boosts revenues of such e-commerce platforms by increasing the conversions of search queries into sales.


Starting nearly seven months ago, we have built Unbxd Search to be ‘almost human’. It learns from every search and gets smarter by learning. It shares this wealth of information with the manager of the site by providing deep insight into who visited the site, what kind of people, what kind of products did they like, etc.


Unbxd Search stretches the ‘human experience’ with auto-completion, automatic spell check and corrections with the ‘Did you mean this?’ feature. It understands alternative meanings, eg. cellphones and mobile phones, which essentially mean the same search query and even grammar – singular-plural words, past-present-future tense, etc.


These features enable sites to reach near zero false-positives and false-negatives allowing them to maximize their visitor-customer conversion ratio.


Unbxd started with 2 founders and has now grown to a group of 6 passionate individuals. Our work culture and ethics are unique – fun at work while remaining committed to our customers and partners. Our team, although small comes with a huge amount of diversity with varied backgrounds and unusual interests which has overwhelmingly influenced the product and our way of work.

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