#EventAlert: Understanding ESOPs: Learn how to evaluate your salary structure [This Saturday]

Startup ESOPs are a big unknown in today’s world, in spite of the fact that more than $500mn worth of ESOP buyback has been announced by startups in the last few months.

Introducing an AMA event that will answer questions like:

How can I evaluate between ESOP vs CTC? How should I plan for long-term returns while keeping short-term $ growth in mind? How does the equation changes with stage of the startup?

Ask Navin: his team has done ESOP structuring for many early to late stage startups.

Date: Nov 13th, 2021
Timing: 7 – 8 PM (IST)
Guest: Navin Kumar, founder of eLagaan.
Venue: FWD App (Android, iOS)
Format: Audio + Interactive.
Pricing: Free
Ideal for:
– Startup employees
– founders trying to help employees understand ESOPs well.
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