Understanding Due Diligence For Startups [Whiteboard Friday]

Learn about the due diligence process in detail. The video discusses startup due diligence, what could impact it most, compliance and other details.

Due diligence is a term immensely popular among startups and something which most of us look forward to (mainly because it is linked to raising investments). Entrepreneurs are often baffled by the term as to what it means, what all areas it covers, will this impact them/ Company in any way etc. In today’s era of eGovernance, there are many instances where it also becomes challenging to take corrective actions if any non compliance is discovered late.

In this episode of eLagaan Whiteboard Friday, the eLagaan team talks about Due Diligence process in detail like the areas it covers, level of due diligence, what could impact the process most and various compliance requirements.

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