Great Founders And Leaders Are..Unfuckwithables

As a founder/leader, you always have 2 choices :

Soak yourself in negativity and destroy everything around.


Just get things done. Don’t let the bastards get you.

What you decide is what you become.

Great founders and leaders are Unfuckwithables!

So kill the drama we done it, you can’t debate it, we made it.
I’m blowing kisses at bitches while we drink gin by the cases.
Haters talk shit still till they get lock jaw, while we shoot the shit with legends of game so fuck y’all.

We seen ’em come, we seen ’em go and all we know, we don’t give a fuck, yo we are unfuckwithable.

We don’t just shine we illuminate the whole show, yeah you know we are unfuckwithable.

If you feelin’ like I’m feelin’ let me feel it when I hear you yo let’s go we are unfuckwithable.

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