Got Too Many Personal Responsibilities? Go ahead and Startup Anyway [Video]

Ankit Pruti, Unicommerce
Ankit Pruti, Unicommerce

Often you are advised not to startup if you’ve got too many personal responsibilities to take care of. It’s good advice but thats the problem with all generic advise. It’s not for people who are entrepreneurs at heart.

The story of e-commece platform UniCommerce proves it. The company started in 2012 when all founders were married, had children to raise and pay back loans.

UniCommerce has quickly scaled and now has over 250 customers. “In hindsight, if we could do it then, we could have done it anytime in the past 9 years we’ve been thinking of starting a company,” recalls Ankit Pruthi, one of the 3 Co-Founders of Unicommerce.

In this talk at UnPluggd, Pruthi recalls the journey and shares valuable lessons for entrepreneurs.