Telcos Demand Uniform Tower Policy To Combat Frequent Call Drops

Telecom operators and network infrastructure providers on Monday urged the government to implement a uniform tower policy in order to combat the growing issue of call drops.

Telcos have voiced out their opinion just a day after the Telecom Ministry ordered telcos to provide regular action taken reports on call drops.

At a joint press conference held by COAI, AUSPI, and TAIPA, the industry bodies put forward a 5 point tower policy that will solve issues such as call drops and help them provide seamless connectivity to consumers.

  • Telecom infrastructure be declared an essential service
  • DoT should expedite spectrum harmonisation
  • All states should uniformly enforce guidelines
  • DoT should permit telecom tower construction on government buildings and defence land
  • DoT should address interference from wide band radios in India and abroad

Moreover, when it came to the government’s recent spectrum sharing policy, the general notion was that the move will only help two members at a time and there was still a shortage of spectrum and towers.

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