With Unlockar, Get Paid For Ads On Your Android Phone’s Locked Screen

Lock screen on an Android device is a very useful spot. You can use it to have news and information from the world list there, or simply keep an eye on the emails and messages -notifications, but what if I told you there is an app that can help you make money out of it? That’s what folks over at Unlockar are aiming to do with their new app, Unlockar (beta).

Unlockar app presents you with infomercials on your lock screen. Everytime you hit the power key on your device (or any other way to wake it up) and unlock the lock screen, you are rewarded in rupees or app-based uCoins. You can use this reward to obtain deals, discounts and app vouchers at service’s shopping portal called “uShop”.


We took out the app for a spin and were quite impressed with it. The app, though could use some graphics improvement as it sports a generic, sort of outdated user interface, works smoothly without any lag or crash. With less than a megabyte file size and support for Android Gingerbread (2.3) and higher, uScreen is compact and light to use.

Unlockar is a startup that works in marketing and technology domain. The app, which also they refer to as uScreen lets you choose the content you would want to see on the lock screen. It offers several exciting, informative and catchy categories, including, Incredible India, Who Said It!, ROFL, Fundoo Facts, Blast from the Past, Girl Gang, Bro Code, Wanderers for Life, Deals and Discounts and Mad about Ads.

The user interface is self explanatory, and the sign-up process didn’t take much time either. Once you’ve taken care of it, you are required to choose your favored categories for content, and through the settings, change the default lock screen. From there onwards, every time while unlocking your screen you’ll be shown some image. One thing that I really liked about this application was its content. These are not the regular ads that we all get annoyed with, rather these are really funny, at times informative facts, quotes and news items.


The rewards – money and uCoins can be used to buy things on their own store called uShop. Piyush Paul, Director, Marketing at Unlockar mentions that uShop has already collaborated with popular names such as BookMyShow, FreeCharge, Paytm and more. Unlike many other applications, uScreen has rather low cashout threshold, which means that you don’t have to accumulate a large sum of money before you could redeem it. The cashout amount has been set to Rs 20 per transaction.

There is one Mad About Ads category that offers On-Demand content, which as the publisher says helps the user earn even more rewards. I liked the option “do not disturb” in the settings that allows users to disable Unlockar at specific amount of time.

As an introductory gesture, Unlockar is rewarding its 10,000 first time users with a welcome bonus of Rs. 10 credited directly into their Unlockar wallets.

Challenges Unlockar Faces

While the application seems to have figured quite a few things, it needs to bring more products on uShop. Its homegrown shopping portal just doesn’t have enough stuff to buy. Furthermore, the advertisement on the lock screen at times, start repeating. Being on its inception stage, uScreen needs more content and add it to the database at the earliest. I spoke with the developers and they assured me that new content is being added to the service.

All in all, Unlockar app is a pretty well thought utility. We all are hooked to our smartphones, and check our device several dozen times in a day. Unlockar has hit the prime spot, and delivers feature rich content, things that you really appreciate. In our brief testing, except the graphics, which too is good, but could be better, there was nothing else that struck to us as bad.

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