You Unlock Your Phone Over 40 Times A Day, So Why Not Make It Pay?

Unlockar, a lock screen app that rewards users every time they unlock their device, has released a statistic saying that on average an active user unlocks their devices over 40 times a day.

Lock Screen

That number is large enough to kick off a battle among developers to catch the first glance of a smartphone user, and while the older game was to get on the user’s home screen, the new one is to catch users at the lock screen itself.

Google too has shown tremendous interest in controling what a user does with their smartphone by massively improving lock screen notifications with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Unlockar claims it now has over a lakh users thanks to its unique rewards system that pays users to unlock their devices in return for looking at content it promotes from partner publications and even ads.

The app pays customers back with uCoins every time they unlock their device, or lets users earn real money by subscribing to on-demand ads channel ‘Mad about ads’.

The startup says that lock screen impressions have crossed 17 million, and in the months of April and May 2015 that stood at more than 1.3 million impressions at an impressive interaction rate of more than 5%.

Channels like Horoscope, ScoopWhoop, Bro Code, Deals and Discount, and Digital Delight are getting maximum traction rate.

So far, the company claims it has rewarded users with over Rs 2 lakh worth of uCoins and has seen withdrawals of about the same amount of uCoins, proving that users are actually taking advantage of the app’s benefit.

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