Unlocked iPhone in India – Officially from Airtel


Unlocked iPhone in India – Officially from Airtel

iPhone sales in India is an interesting case study – phone with 3G in a country without 3G.

Even though Airtel spent a good amount of money marketing iPhone 3G, results were quite dismal.

And now, Airtel has been granted the official rights to sell unlocked iPhone in India –

What this means is that you can buy an iPhone without being necessarily tied to any network – and Apple is allowing partners to charge additional fee for unlocking.

Do you think this will help increase the iPhone sales in India?

Well, iPhone 8GB model costs Rs. 31K and 16GB costs Rs. 36k – and unless Apple brings down the price, I am not sure how an ‘official’ unlocking partner will help increase the sales.

What’s your opinion?


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