Meet the Startups that Launched at UnPluggd 2014 Summer Edition

The Unpluggd 2014 hosted by NextBigWhat is proud to present these startups who launched at UnPluggd.

The UnPluggd 2014 hosted by NextBigWhat is proud to present 10 startups.Below are the list of startups  that launched at UnPluggd, India’s Biggest Startup Conference!


VoxApp Private Limited

Providing enterprise surveys on mobile, the Delhi based company gives live data and monitoring, geo-location tagging. It can render perfectly on desktop web, mobile browsers and tablets.

For job seekers and providers, this startup comes as a huge relief.This job portal specifically targets candidates serving notice period.


Torchlight from Antarix networks is basically Google analytics for retail. A very useful idea that can closely monitor traffic, visits, conversions and the like.

Go Simpel

A mobile payment app, which lets the users make payments through credit/debit cards, instead of cash, to the delivery boy for  home  deliveries  and cash on deliveries,without the need of any separate device or gadget.

App Virality

It is essentially a plug and play growth hacking toolkit for mobile apps. App Virality helps in making your app go viral.


It acts as a virtual cart for easy check outs at supermarkets. Walk through your shopping store, scan and buy and check out through Zupit.


Medengage is a mobile app for doctors to share and learn using clinical cases. More like a medical journal, the app is useful for doctors.


Moengage from Pipal Tech Ventures helps app companies engage their users with relevant content thereby driving engagement and revenue.


Parallelo from User Centric Technologies is an alternate to emailing PDFs to prospects. You can assess prospect interest backed by data and convert faster.

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