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UnPluggd : What Lies Ahead. #Brilliance

Till 3 months back, startups were all about parties and *change-the-world* stories.

And now?

Largely, startups are about layoffs and shutdowns.

What went wrong? Couple of things:

– Equating Funding to product validation.
– No serious damn given to product management, a discipline lacking in Indian startups (otherwise, how would you explain app-only movement which was flawed from the word go).

This UnPluggd

This UnPluggd, we are focusing deeeply on fundamentals of building a business building a sustainable business.

We are focusing heavily on some of the bigger aspects of tech entrepreneurship.

Product management/marketing
Growth hacking / Selling to enterprises and a whole lot of interesting talks. We dedicate the Day 1 to ProductGeeks!

Lessons from fellow founders โ€“ right from the ones who have made it big to the ones who had to shutdown.
This is the core of UnPluggd. You wonโ€™t find such conversations anywhere in the country.

– Bootstrapping.
Seriously speaking, the world needs to celebrate more of these!

UnPluggd : What Lies Ahead

As with UnPluggd, expect brilliance. Expect candid talks / actionable insights and amazing energy! And ofcourse, an opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs, investors and geeks.

Here is what you should expect at UnPluggd, which is scheduled for May 6th & 7th (Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli, Bangalore).unpluggd twitter

Day 1 : ProductGeeks Conf

On day 1 of the conference, we bring to you great insights by founders and product geeks.

Talks range from scaling up (without spending a lot of cash), to cracking growth engine (agenda goes live by this Friday).

We will cover B2C as well as B2B space. Some of the topics include :

  1. Product Marketing
  2. Growth Hacking
  3. Lean startup principles applied in real world scenario.
  4. Insights on product positioning / GTM

Ideal fit for :

  • Founders who are looking to scale up without depending on (external) cash .
  • Product managers / marketers who are looking at building growth engines.
  • ProductGeeks : The ones who breathe and live products/growth hacks and marketing.

Investor Meeting : We have Sequoia Capital coming over to meet early stage startups for a one-on-one meeting. If you want to meet/pitch them (in a closed door setup), do apply here.

Day 1 : Networking Evening

At the networking evening, expect a combo of founders, investors, accelerators and well, beer !

The idea is to drive conversations and build informal connections,

Investor Meeting : VentureEast team will be present during the networking evening for a one-on-one conversation with early stage founders. Keen? Apply here.

Day 2 : The Big Day [May 7th]

This is when you get to listen to a lot of real startup stories . This time around, we are focusing on bootstrapping and #BraveTalks a lot!

Frankly speaking, bootstrapping is one of the least respected / talked about phenomena in the Indian startup ecosystem (heck! we are bootstrapped). And so is startup failure.

We mix the two. We will bring cockroach founders as well!

Investor Meeting : We have Nexus Venture Partners coming over to meet early stage startups for a one-on-one meeting. If you want to meet/pitch them (in a closed door setup), do apply here.

We have announced a few speakers and more will be announced in the coming days, but the beauty of UnPluggd is that we aren’t speaker-centric.

We are topic-centric!

And we get amazing speakers (who aren’t media trained) to share their experience.

Day 1 (May 6th) Networking Evening (May 6th) Day 2 (May 7th)
ProductGeeksConf Networking Evening UnPluggd

UnPluggd Details

Date: May 6th And 7th
Venue: Park Plaza hotel (Marathahalli), Bangalore
BUY tickets from here (ticketing widget is also embedded in the post).

Discount : Use SUPERAPRIL to get 20% off on your tickets.

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