UnPluggd: Application opens up for speaker nomination and talk proposals

UnPluggd is scheduled for Nov 23rd and 24th, Bangalore and today, we are opening up the speaker nomination form.

First: A few notes about speaker selection process

UnPluggd has always been about fresh perspective. And frrressh perspective often comes from the doers who are still doing and have a lot of things to share.

UnPluggd brings founders / DOERs to the stage, before they get ‘media trained’ – i.e. before they know the right things to say / before they become gyaawni babas (and mataji).

The UnPluggd keynote talks are of 18 minutes duration, followed by 5 minutes of QnA. Once selected, you will be asked to submit your talk presentation 15 days before the conference.

PS: If you are a PR firm representing a company or a person, we would recommend you ask the proposer (speaker) to share their details directly (if they are too busy for this form submission, definitely they can’t prepare a presentation for the conference – which means they are rejected by default).

UnPluggd details

This UnPluggd is all about playbooks !

This UnPluggd will see 5 playbooks – right from building a great product to marketing, branding, sales, customer centricity and global expansion. Each playbook will have speakers who have been there/done that / still doing it (in the context of the playbook).

UnPluggd is happening on Nov 23rd and 24th in Bangalore (Hotel Radisson Blue, ORR)
Date: November 23rd and 24th, 2018.
Venue: Hotel Radisson Blue, ORR (Bangalore)
Website: https://www.nextbigwhat.com/unpluggd

  • Nov 23rd: 3 workshops (on Product Management, AI and Growth Marketing).
  • Nov 24th: Conference day,
  • Followed by networking evening.

Discounts? Use the code NEXTBIGWHAT. We are currently running 40% super early bird discount on the tickets (vaild till August 31st).

UnPluggd Talks from the last editions

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