The Ones That Made The Cut: All Startups which Demoed at UnPluggd

Table of Contents Hide DeckKeyMailsDfyGraviti‘s EchoMartMobimYwindowwhatfixmuHiveBetaoutThe Fluid Motion InstaSafe Here is a list of all the cool startups/products that demoed at the seventh edition of UnPluggd. Deck deck, is a…

Here is a list of all the cool startups/products that demoed at the seventh edition of UnPluggd.



deck, is a new way to create compelling presentations on any device. It does away with the factors that make presentations off putting like the speaker reading the text directly, too much text on slides, boring and complex charts and graphics, small text and bad formatting and makes the slides plain and simple. With deck anyone can create presentations that look good, even if you have no design skills. More here.


KeyMails, which launched at UnPluggd processes your mails and ranks them in the order of importance to you. The KeyMails machine learning algorithms automatically learns from past email behavior – how you respond to different people, the relevance of the email content to you and many other aspects which are unique to your behavior and sorts mails. More here.

DfyGraviti‘s Echo

DfyGraviti‘s product Echo is the evolution of remote control. The echo dongle integrates your mobile phone and television so that you can search for a program by title or voice, navigate programs on the phone, get alerts on how much television your kids are watching or pick the right subscription package for you. More here.


MartMobi is a mobile commerce platform that can create custom applications for all major mobile platform for retailers.  MartMobi does the heavy lifting while your company can focus on sales. More here.


mYwindow allows you to create your identity, follow passion (content) and add family members to your network. To have a more emphatic identity the platform enables you to record brief video story about yourself, and upload it as a cover video. More here.


Whatfix is a community platform, where anyone can create, share and execute interactive guides on any website or web apps. Guides are created via browser extensions and published as slideshows with options to embed them in websites. More here.


muHive helps solve the problem of real time customer engagement on all contemporary channels on the web (social media, email, forms, SMS) and offers a single-dashboard to manage, respond to and analyze the conversations. More here.


Betaout is a powerful solution to run an online publishing business. It provides a dashboard for the editorial team to run the entire newsroom, keep a track on the performance of various contributors and manage payments. More here.

The Fluid Motion

Trutech’s “Fluid Motion” is a hand gesture recognition platform that will allow you to control your computer and other hardware using hand gestures with no external devices attached to your hand. More here.


The Instasafe platform enables users to securely access Internet connections between your geographically dispersed offices, remote mobile workers and mobile sales force. Using the service, users can share information between your branches, and allow your mobile workers to plug into your corporate network from any location using any device. More here.

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