Meet the Awesome Startups That Demoed at UnPluggd 8

Our startup conference, UnPluggd is about to end in the next couple of hours. Out of 350 applicants, we picked 7 startups that we think are making phenomenal products and solutions to address real needs, to launch at UnPluggd. Here’s a quick look at the chosen ones! is a cloud management platform to organize, share & control your clouds, with the flexibility of integrating open source tools to manage servers.

Users can organize servers from one or more clouds into logical entities like apps, projects or clients. Similarly they can also group relevant servers using buckets and tag server roles using labels for easy filtering and navigation. Some of the supported services include AWS, DigitalOcean, rackspace and openstack among others.

Once on, users can invite others to share their cloud or delegate few servers to be managed, without giving away the cloud account credentials or billing/invoice details.

Other open source tools and saas services that are relevant to manage and monitor your cloud servers can also be integrated into the platform.



cloudengineCloudEngine is an open source Mobile-backend-as-a-service (MBaaS), which helps app developers deploy apps faster using pluggable mobile backend services. Some of the core service offered out of the box include saving data on cloud, saving files on the cloud and sending push notifications to target devices.

The service’s Android SDK provides readily pluggable Android API into your apps. The android SDK is a wrapper for communicating with different CloudEngine services.

The service also provides a REST API for all built-in services using which any client which can speak HTTP can consume the platform services, the REST API uses token authentication mechanism.

CloudEngine aims to become for mobile apps, what LAMP became for webapps.



zapstitchZapStitch allows companies to seamlessly sync & integrate data between various SaaS business apps like ecommerce, accounting, CRM, ERP and other cloud apps, with no programming or engaging any API developers.

Once a user signs up on ZapStich, a source and a target app has to be chosen. The service will then pull the chosen data from source app and load it into the target app. The data can include customers, products, sales orders, inventory etc, and will be synced to the target app.

The data can be synced on an hourly basis, daily basis or can be synced on-demand with the push of a button.

Shopify, Magento, QuickBooks, Freshdesk, Google and Bigcommerce are currently some of the platforms supported by the service.


Senseforth Technologies

senseforthSenseforth is a company that distills web content generated during a search to only allow users to see content that is most pertinent to their search. Senseforth employs it Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms (patent-pending) to process the information that a search engine will generate, thereby eliminating the time a user will take in research.

Data for any given search is first collected by Senseforth’s connectors from various sources like news, blogs, Facebook, other social media sites and sources. This data is then analysed by the NLP or text mining algorithms and divided into negative and positive opinions. Post this, the sentiments are quantified as positivity and negativity percentages. This verdict is then shared on the website, as well as through plug ins on other websites.

The service is currently available for the comparison of mobile phones and tablets.



DigiCollect gis logoDigiCollect-GIS is a company that uses mobile data collection, cloud computing and locational intelligence to aid businesses in making decisions.

The company offers a customisable mobile data collection application called ‘DigiCollect’ that uses GIS visualisation to help conduct and coordinate a task. Businesses can collect data in different formats, deploy projects to remote teams using cloud services and monitor progress of work in real-time using a centralised cloud service. The service also allows surveyed data to be uploaded from the field via a 2G/3G network, exporting of reports in different file formats and securing data online through a cloud server.

DigiCollect-GIS also offers analysis based on GIS and remote-sensing visualisations. The products offered can benefit the construction industry who require daily project reports to be submitted, market research analysts who can eliminate the need for data entry on using this, and, those who wish to map and manage assets and for conducting property valuation.


MagnetWorks Engineering

magnetThe Internet of things is here. And do you know how it can work for your business? Meet Magnet Works Engineering. The startup provides real time dashboards, custom reports and analytics to factories that are looking to improve their business.

Built by Sahil Kini and Tushit Jain, both from IIT Madras and a lot of industry experience, the platform is a combination of hardware and software capable of providing actionable insights to business owners, especially in the manufacturing industry.

Magnet Works draws data from sensors and actuators capable of measuring temperature, pressure, flow, energy and other parameters and processes it on the cloud to generate these insights and alerts.

RedBox, built by Magnet Works, is a hardware component which pairs with sensors and sends it to the Magnet Cloud platform. You can then access that data through any device, analyse it and create a real time interactive dashboard. You can generate reports and set up sms alerts. Your equipment supplier can remotely access to your PLC and troubleshoot problems online.


hoverrHoverr is a very clever way of attracting attention of online shoppers. The native advertising solution can be used by publishers to create advertisements with celebrity pictures for their site. You can integrate Hoverr ads to your site with a few lines of code and engage viewers. A publisher can also decide what to show & where to show.

Hoeverr’s computer vision technology fetches similar looking clothes from e-commerce stores and shows it when someone hovers over the celebrity image. An instant buy option takes care of impulse buyers!


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