Introducing the UnPluggd camp: Checkout what *UnPluggd* people are reading and care about

UnPluggd is about the community, you, and the content that matters to you. How about a system that pools everything the Unpluggd community is tweeting, or reading in one place – even if thats content outside of NextBigWhat?

The UnPluggd Camp ( invites attendees and fans of UnPluggd to camp here. If you are already active on Twitter, you can associate your twitter feed here. Any content you tweet out will be sourced into this camp. You can also “pugmark” anything already listed and upvote it – making it discoverable to others.

Unpluggd Camps is powered by, which offers a few more features. You can install their plugin or bookmarklet and “pugmark” any article you browse to on the web. It will automatically get sourced to the camps you belong to (Unpluggd in this case). Pugmarking articles also gives related and relevant recommendations.
There are two interesting things to look for in Camps.

1) Personalization: When you pugmark articles, and revisit the Camps page, it automatically tunes to your taste. Say, you are more into startups and less into mobile – you’ll see more things on startups bubble to the top. The same Unpluggd Camp page will look different to different people. More signal over noise.

2) People discovery and talking points: You can browse other campers. When you check out a camper’s profile, you’ll see articles he’s tweeted or marked that are closer to your interest. Even better, if you are about to meet him, you can “Find news” for him and get some talking points. See a fresh set of articles – just relevant for this person. Eg: Here are some talking points for me if I were to meet Paul Singh.

Do feel free to check out the Unpluggd camps page (, and give us feedback. The Unpluggd camp should keep working even after the event is over!

And if you haven’t yet registered for UnPluggd, go ahead and block your seat (we are also accepting on-spot registration). Agenda/FAQs here.

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