UnPluggd : Grab your early bird discount

UnPluggd is scheduled for June 24th, 2017 and one of the core themes for UnPluggd, this time around is:
“How do you build great companies.”
Which translates to building great product/brand, marketing and sales teams.
The Indian startup ecosystem really needs to step up and do bigger things – and this time around, we are heavily focused on bringing a lot of DOERs / bootstrappers and actionable insights.
If you are a early stage entrepreneur or a productgeek, you gotta be at UnPluggd !

Early bird discount

We are giving away 45% discount for early birds. Use the code ‘nextbigwhat‘ (note that this discount code expires in 3 days) and grab your seat!

UnPluggd Details

Date: June 24th, 2017 (event site).
Buy Tickets: Use this link to block your seat.
Discount code: nextbigwhat (45% discount). Note that the offer will end very soon.
You can also apply for the speaking slot.
Got questions? Want to explore partnership? Email us: team@nextbigwhat.com.

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