UnPluggd Impact: We saw 600% growth in traffic after UnPluggd, UnPluggd helped us raise angel round [and more]

Our flagship event, UnPluggd was started with a niche focus – i.e. to showcase some of the real entrepreneurial journeys (not just the ones that are made to sound romantic) and bring a lot of visibility to startups who demo at the event.

Last time, we had 10 startups who demoed/launched at the event and we just thought we will share the impact UnPluggd made on their business:


“Needless to say, our demo at the event got us a chance to pitch the company to all the marquee investors in India and helped us raise a round of angel funding from a serial entrepreneur and seasoned angel investor.What surprised us the most was the popularity that Pluggd.in NextBigWhat enjoyed even among our potential customers.” [Srini , Arivu Founder]

At uniRow, we saw 600% growth in traffic after UnPluggd and great interests from potential partners. Some of our early partners came to know about us because of UnPluggd.” [Nimit, UniRow]

As a demoing company, our objective was to get visibility and potential business opportunities. We have got both in this forum. We have had interest from folks/companies that haven’t attended UnPluggd, yet writing to us about their interest in our products. We also have had interest from investors. [Arvind Pani, Reverie]

UnPluggd: Nominate your startup

The next edition of UnPluggd is scheduled for December 1st and the nomination deadline is today (Nov 16th).
If you are a startup who wants to launch your product in front of a crowd that comprises of early adopters, potential customers, geeks, active angels – do apply for UnPluggd right away.
Those who have already submitted the nomination form, you will hear from us this weekend.


Date: December 1, 2012.
Venue: MLR Convention Center, Brigade Millennium Campus, 7th Phase J.P.Nagar, Bangalore – 560 078 (map).
Contact Details: ankur@nextbigwhat.com
Ticketing link.

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