UnPluGGd Nomination Begins. Today.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
In our endeavor to bring India’s most promising Indian technology startups to you, we are glad to announce that we have opened up the application form inviting technology startups to nominate themselves.

Preparations for UnPluGGd’s second edition are in full steam [the event is scheduled for October 30th, Bangalore] and the nomination process for startups starts today.

As we had shared with you earlier – we are pepping up UnPluggd by having the most promising Indian startups showcase their product to a panel of investors and entreprenuers.

The nomination form is the first step towards that and its live!

If you think your startup is among the best in India today, go ahead and fill up the details here and we would make sure you are on stage – being evaluated by the best and being seen by the top investors in India. This would also be an opportunity to be interacting with your peers and getting to showcase the product that has been keeping you up at night. We have something special planned for those of you who don’t get to be on stage – but more on that later.

Important Dates

Last Date of Nomination is September 30th.

1st October to 15th October – Once we receive your nomination, we will work with you in defining the pitch, understand more about your business and connect you to the appropriate panel

15th October to D-Day – Brushing up your presentation, practising FAQs and booking tickets (more on this later)

But first step first – Fill out the nomination form.

Also, we request you to help spread the word and  let this be known among communities you interact with regularly.

Stay Pluggd.in!

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