Introducing UnPluggd Summer Edition : A Lot of Inspiring Talks On Products / Growth And #BraveTalks

Alright folks. A lot has happened since the last UnPluggd (winter edition/December 2014).
So many new rounds of funding. Freecharge acquisition. Lotsa amazing startups are launching every now and then!. In general, a lot of momentum in the startup ecosystem.

UnPluggd : India’s Biggest Startup Conference.
At NextBigWhat, we are super happy to announce the next edition of UnPluggd. The next edition is happening in 3 phases.
1. Roadshows [May 23rd & June 6th]
Roadshows are a half-day conference that bring together the regional ecosystem.
We are visiting West (Mumbai on May 23rd @ NSE) and North (Delhi on June 6th).
Roadshows are free to attend, but we have limited seats (so it will be on first-come-first-serve basis). The form launches April 23rd.
2. ProductConf [June 19th]
Like us, if you are dying to move beyond ‘funding’ news and participate in more intelligent debates, ProductConf is all about it. A day before UnPluggd, we are conducting ProductConf which will bring together the product geeks and the topics will range right from deep dive into product management to marketing to growth hacking tactics used by successful startups to finding product-market fit in early stages.
We won’t even use the term ‘startups’ at ProductConf. That is, it is meant for all sort of ProductGeeks – whether you work for a big corporate or a startup.
ProductConf is followed by networking evening on June 19th – which will bring 250 folks together for an informal evening session.
3. UnPluggd [June 20th @MLR Convention Center, Bangalore]
This UnPluggd, we bring a lot of focus on Unicorns and some of the other high-growth startups. Expect a lot of candid conversations and *UnPluggd* experience sharing.
And ofcourse, we will have:
#BraveTalk session : where founders open talk about shutdowns/struggles and the challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur.
#StartupLaunch: 10 startups will be selected from more than 500 launch applications. The application form goes live on April 26th.
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» For any queries, join the UnPluggd group
» We will soon open up nominations for speaking slots. Please wait till April 26th.
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