UnPluggd – The Event for Entrepreneurs [Mar 6th, 2010]

Update: We have opened the Registration. Hop to our ticketing partner site and avail 10% discount (limited seats only)

We announced the UnPluggd event earlier (the teaser post) and here are more details of the event [check out UnPluggd website]

First of all, Why UnPluggd?

You must have heard of these statements (from startups/VCs/media/bloggers etc)

  • Consumer Internet is just not happening in India (i.e. one cannot build a profitable Internet company from India)
  • You can’t build a global technology company from India without spending a fortune [i.e. cash strapped startups cannot build one]
  • Global Brand from India? We don’t have many! [i.e. startups cannot even think of this!]
  • You always need funding to make it big.

Started believing in these stories?

Give yourself a Hug! And Read on!

UnPluggd – The Event for Entrepreneurs

UnPluGGD, an event meant for entrepreneurs will change your perspective on state of entrepreneurship in India. We bring to you startups who have made it significantly big and we want you to hear out their stories.

Call them underdogs, these companies have built a business (and not just product) defying all the standard norms of building a business.

Did they raise money? How did they bootstrap? Was it really the first stroke that was successful? These startups will share their part of the story and the insights behind the episode.

Get to hear their side of the story, the insights that drove them to take certain steps (for instance, why would an Internet startup NOT hire a HLL guy to lead it’s online marketing program?) and a lot more.

As I said earlier, we will bring back the focus on entrepreneurs (and not celebrity entrepreneurs, i.e. the likes of Tally founders etc) – these are the guys whom you probably know, but do not know the hard work behind their success.

What Next?

  • Registration starts Thursday, i.e. Feb 2nd.
  • If you want to assist us in organizing the event, please get in touch [ashish at pluggd dot in]. We are having the first volunteer meet this week (I will share more details).
  • For those who want to be associated with the UnPluggd event (as sponsors/partners), do get in touch – ashish at NextBigWhat.com [+91 98452 06443]
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