UnPluggd Ticketing is now open with early bird discounts

Ticketing for the upcoming edition of UnPluggd (scheduled for December 1st, Bangalore) is live and as always we have kept it startup friendly.

One of the feedback we received from last UnPluggd was actually to increase the ticket price (yes!) owing to the great content quality and discussions @UnPluggd. But we have decided to keep it affordable for entrepreneurs (INR 700/) and importantly, have an early bird discount for the early peeps as well.

So here are the details:
UnPluggd Date: December 1st, 2012.
Venue: MLR Convention Center, J P Nagar, Bangalore.
Ticketing link (ticketing option is also embedded in this post).
Early bird discount : use NEXTBIGWHAT and you will get a discount of INR 200/ on the ticket. Please note that the early bird discount is applicable only till October 25th.
Nomination for demo slot is already open and startups who want to launch @UnPluggd can fill up the form here.
– Got questions/Have suggestions? Please use the contact us form or simply write to us (team@NextBigWhat.com).

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Why Attend UnPluggd?

Well, a few tweets from the last edition will tell you why you shouldn’t miss UnPluggd.

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#UnPluggd was perhaps the best event I have attended. No ‘gyaan’.Shashank
Check out this SlideShare presentation : The SlideShare Story – Unpluggd Bangalore 7t… http://www.slideshare.net/AmitRanjan/the-slideshare-story-unpluggd-bangalore-7th-july-2012Ad Lagendijk
@cnha early this morning @lijoisac made me feel guilty about missing unpluggd. really happy to hear of its success. cheers to @pluggdin teampj
“@amitranjan: Slides from my talk at Unpluggd Bangalore yesterday http://www.slideshare.net/AmitRanjan/the-slideshare-story-unpluggd-bangalore-7th-july-2012/27”Nikhilvishnupv
List: 10 Startups that demoed at UnPluggd (pluGGd.in) http://bit.ly/ONTOpTWebmeme.In Firehose
List: 10 Startups that demoed at UnPluggd http://goo.gl/fb/pfPP1All Indian Blogs
@unirowlive was in the top 10 companies (out of 583) that demoed at UnPluggd last Saturday!Proud moment for the team. http://www.NextBigWhat.com/unpluggd5-demo-startups-297/Nimit Kumar
@sshreyas awesome meeting you at unpluggd – come over office sometime if you can – indiranagar.Vijay Sharma
@deobrat Great presentation at Unpluggd last Saturday! gazeMetrix definitely ‘wow’ed me and many others am sure!Karthik Prabhakar
The SlideShare Story – Unpluggd Bangalore 7th July, 2012 http://www.slideshare.net/AmitRanjan/the-slideshare-story-unpluggd-bangalore-7th-july-2012/27 via @kipptmanishreddy
@cnha The quality of sessions and T shirts and improving with each #unpluggd :)Lijo Isac
How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter http://bit.ly/PAC4AX via @LHInsightsSherryl Perry
Instamojo #Unpluggd Presentation http://imojo.in/Mc2bJh via @instamojoRajesh Durai
@artinsane @shiladitya #unpluggd I think you should aim to make your 20% customer happy who gives u 80% Revenue..Rohan Ghumare
#touched. late bloomer, not a loser. (I hope) http://500hats.com/late-bloomer. I called DMC a giant yesterday @davemcclure http://slidesha.re/MeHfRVAmit Ranjan
Wow, we really did make some splash! Here’s what @mukund has to say… http://bestengagingcommunities.com/2012/07/08/unpluggd-a-quick-take-on-uber-labs/Deobrat Singh
This is awesome product in making, congrats @UberLabs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZf4QuBNJNc #UnPluggdAdi
My assinine opinion on the startups presented at Unpluggd http://changelog.in/2012/07/my-assinine-opinion-on-the-startups-presented-at-unpluggd/ @pluggdin @instamojo @vacationlabs @supportbee @uberlabsGurpreet Singh
How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter http://goo.gl/g8Yno via @LHInsightsBerrie Pelser
Yesterday the event was too good, huge learning.. Was pleasure meeting @alokebajpai @santoshpanda @cnha @bkbirla at #UnpluggdAbhishek Tripathi
How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter http://goo.gl/g8Yno via @LHInsightsTwitskie
Forgot to thank @shopoindia team for the nice #Unpluggd memento. Cheers!Sampad Swain
@sampad Mera bhi?unpluggd presentation?Raj Mohan
‘The SlideShare Story – Unpluggd Bangalore 7th July, 2012’ is featured on our homepage. http://slidesha.re/OkB9hJSlideShare
55444.in had a booth at #unpluggd yesterday. Can’t figure out what they do even from their site. Extreme of minimalism?Jaya Jha
@sampad @Instamojo #Unpluggd mine must be on its way then ;pSG
How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter – Business 2 Community http://bit.ly/LyBSRgAdam Sandle
Yay! JustReco pitched on stage to the VC’s at "Office hrs with Nexus Partners". #unpluggd. Interesting updates soon.Just Reco
@alokebajpai really enjoyed your talk @unpluggd. Thanks for sharingrahul arora
What is missed in #unpluggd is real story of failures by startups and what they are doing…wdyt?Baskar Ganapathy
It is very easy to make complicated things…very difficult to make things simple – Some guy in the .NET video #unpluggdBaskar Ganapathy
#unpluggd really was worth it…really loved the practical speak of Amit, Hitesh & Aloke..pleasantly surprised with so much energy in India!Baskar Ganapathy
Just woke up and feeling full of energy and possibilities after having met awesome people #unpluggd :)neha
How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter http://bit.ly/Py6xPTJagbir Singh
Missed unpluggd? Get notes here ! http://fb.me/Ny9xpP5nSwapnil Tamse
Checking out gitgrow demoed @ #unpluggd. Very basic. Where are the recos that they demoed?. I will swear by @getclicky any dayLijo Isac
It is simple to create something complicated and complicated to create something simple – #unpluggd quote from yesterdayLijo Isac
Tech events are Source of Contacts – Today, I attended UnPluggd event. http://tmblr.co/ZSk-5vOtyvmWM S Prakash Kumar
Had a great time at unpluggd today…Saw lot of awesome ideas and met lot of awesome people 🙂 #unpluggdSrikant Ritolia
How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter – Business 2 Community: How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPl… http://bit.ly/NMWqzgBee Cool
12:08 How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter – Business 2 Community http://vsb.li/C4B1mHEdmund Mertens
Easily the best talk of the day at #UnPluggd by @alokebajpai. Great stuff and super inspirational presentation.Jaseem TS
Where can we find all the photos taken during #UnPluggd? @pluggdinJaseem TS
Fantastic day at #UnPluggd event today. Met a lot of super-awesome guys. @wowmakersJaseem TS
How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter http://goo.gl/fb/SznjpBusiness2Community
How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter http://bit.ly/N8AtOjwebchanakya
BTW guys if you don’t mind I’m going to send the @Instamojo #Unpluggd presentation tomorrow. Totally effing tired.Sampad Swain
Just noticed the text that #Unpluggd hv written on the certificate for @Instamojo. Amazing stuff. Thanks @pluggdin cc: @cnha @pratyushpSampad Swain
@vemuruadi I hope you must have had a great experience. I missed it #unpluggdAkshay Hartalkar
How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter http://goo.gl/g8Yno via @LHInsightsMushfiqur Rahman
@sampad @Instamojo yea sure … after your unpluggd demo today .. i really want to know more about u and #instamojo..Abhisheek Patra
How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter http://goo.gl/g8Yno via @LHInsightsBabette Ten Haken
#Digital #PR #Marketing Tips: How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On #Twitter in #India http://lighthouseinsights.in/how-pluggdin-created-a-buzz-for-unpluggd-on-twitter.html via @lhinsights #Gr8readMelvin
Twitter TL is quite after #UnPluggd is done for the day :)Adi
@pluggdin: Aim big & Take big risks – Aloke #UnpluggdSemil Shah
@pluggdin can you circulate the urls and email addresses of all participants to all registered partcipant emails? #unpluggdBuridan’s Ass
Finally met @bkbirla and @alokebajpai at #Unpluggd. Interesting conversations :)Sampad Swain
awsm guys, awsm startups, awsm day @ #unpluggd bangalore.SwapnilTalekar
only reason I cud see was, #Pluggdin is for the community & by the community "@LHInsights: How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd #socialPiyush Aggarwal
#Unpluggd is the program which always plugged me in @MTVIndiamehak
I don’t make right decisions, I take the decisions and make them right – ratan tata #unpluggdSharon Ekpo
Greatest apologies to @deepakravindran and @cnha cuz I ditched at #unpluggd. Had a not-so-pleasant reason that forced my handNikhil Velpanur
Missed meeting @zenx & @deepakshenoy 🙁 #unpluggdPrasanna
Had a nice time at #unpluggd a Saturday well spent. And second 6-day week on a row :-)Prasanna
#Unpluggd…My life…Neeraj Chavan
Lastnite was awesome during the DIGEST event in Abuja#UnpluggdSharon Ekpo
Been to several startup events. Todays #unpluggd was one of the best. Kudos to @pluggdin team. @cnha @pratyushpRavi Trivedi
I am #Unpluggd even after the event. Forgot my laptop charger in office.Birla
Unpluggd was interesting. Some pretty cool products and ideas. Also finally met @jackerhack!Neehar Venugopal
You know a day has been awesome, when #UnPluggd is trending on @twitter. All due to the awesome startups and @cnhaGurpreet Bedi
Hatsoff to NextBigWhat.com for hosting an awesome event #unpluggd . All worth it.Harshad Sharma
Bumped into @shiladitya and @Gunmaster_G9 outside #unpluggd and took auto/bus with them across Bangalore. Much yapping ensued.Harshad Sharma
I got a term sheet from Nigeria in one night so we followed up Ghanian VC’s #unpluggdSharon Ekpo
#UnPluggd is the 3rd highest #trending topic on #Twitter India today, and the top from #Bangalore. What surprises is 3rd from #Chennai. #fbAshutosh Saxena
How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter http://dlvr.it/1qBrSQ #socialmediaPrasant Naidu
How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter http://dlvr.it/1qBn8r #Insights @LHInsightsPrasant Naidu
#RapistRahul #UnpluggdRahul Bhagat
@dotmanish doubt it :-p Thought you might be here for unpluggd.Kingsly John
Amit Ranjan, cofounder, Slideshare @ UnPluggd @ MLR Convention Hall, Brigade Millenium http://instagr.am/p/MyDn_phLDp/Ashutosh Saxena
The man with immense energy and humor @alokebajpai #UnpluggdAbhishek Tripathi
@iseekthee Hey, it was nice meeting you!!And super thanks for the Pass 🙂 #UnpluggdAbhishek Tripathi
Was a great day #UnpluggdAbhishek Tripathi
Photo: Unpluggd Conference India 7/10 strong speakers, ok content, good networking for early early age… http://tmblr.co/Zr2xQvOtD6soRahulnB
Awesome job @cnha #unpluggdAbhishek Tripathi
@shiladitya Hey, it was nice meeting you today at #unpluggd. Let’s stay in touch..and wish you a happy journey on your way back.Soumitra Paul
Every tweet from #unpluggd is so full of positive energy! Could make for an excellent ‘Inspire Yourself’ book for budding entrepreneurs.Vinaya Naidu
Had an tiring but awesome day at #Unpluggd. What a show – kudos to @pluggdin team. Thanks guys.Sampad Swain
@pluggdin What an amazing event #unpluggd was! Good luck to all the #startups that demoed there! Beautifully organized! So glad to be therevvbellur
So, i am officially stranded at the venue. Can’t find an auto to take me to ‘art of living ashram’ 🙁 Any help please? #UnpluggdDeobrat Singh
SO #Unpluggd trending India wide today, awesome!kanupriyasindhu
"@pluggdin: You need two things to run e-commerce business in India – Luck & Money – Hitesh #Unpluggd"Santosh Navlani
stuck in traffic. coming back from #unpluggdJaya Jha
Was quite astonished to see a sales presentation at #Unpluggd but hey the Brit made it worth while.Pradeep Banavara
great speakers + demos + ideas + people : #unpluggd event did a great job.Sunil Patro
if you think about an idea every time you are in the shower, it’s time to startup, everything else doesn’t matter – @alokebajpai #unpluggdSunil Patro
The coolest demo @ Unpluggd – Reverie technologies. No longer will English be a barrier to communicate in the digital world.Pradeep Banavara
“@tovishalck: #unpluggd Leave your job & DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. Don’t do what your bosses want you to do.” find yourself @gyaanexchangegyaanexchange.com
#unpluggd was something I missed ! Google will come to the rescue m/Mmayur
We have more ppl talking abt IXIGO on FB & that’s more than any other e-business in India – Aloke #Unpluggd" well dne @alokebajpai & #ixigoVijayant dhaka
That’s it for the day folks!! #Unpluggd . Stay Pluggdin :)Pluggd.in
Finally the #unpluggd event ended. Great succes, superb startups and great talksIshan Vyas
After an awesome day filled with interesting talks & awesome product presentations #Unpluggd comes to an endPluggd.in
Weekend. It’s time to get #unpluggdCentronics Support
Very impressed with the quality of demos and startups at #unpluggd. You know its good, when people are sitting in the aisles!Mukund Mohan
Very impressed with the quality of demos and startups at #unpluggd. You know its good, when people are sitting in the aisles!Mukund Mohan
Time for some goodies for Startups which demoed at #UnpluggdPluggd.in
If your product really sucks, the first 100 customers will give you the most creepy and correct review #unpluggdIshan Vyas
A true #Unpluggd music – Bombay Theme by A R Rahman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-doAuvDe_8M.Aamir Khan
Live streaming is giving me a wonderful view of the speakers stomach #unpluggdShaunak Mahbubani
@alokebajpai Now we know where the ixigo guy humor comes from. I am betting he wrote the jokes himself. @ixigo #unpluggdVarun Khona
You’re as useless as the ‘e’ in #unpluggd. Oh, wait…The doc in Vicodin
People loved @UberLabs gazeMetrix demo at #unpluggd. Always satisfying to do something people like.//be proud @debayan @saurabp :)Deobrat Singh
Somehow it is reminding me of another logo 🙂 "@cooljaz124: Like the logo, presentation slide and design of #supportbee #Unpluggd"Piyush Aggarwal
Aim to make your 80% customers happy. #unpluggdIshan Vyas
. @alokebajpai has used very apt anecdotes and quotes to back up his story. Candid and blunt. #unpluggdHarshad Sharma
#unpluggd – Everyone out there following this…Leave your job & DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. Don’t do what your bosses want you to do.Vishal Kothari
should have gone for #unpluggd baby steps. ok.MohitS
If you really want to something, the world will come together to make your idea happen #unpluggdIshan Vyas
Lot of ppl give advice but be careful from who you take & what you take – Aloke #UnpluggdPluggd.in
Aim big, take big risk – aloke #unpluggdIshan Vyas
Awesome talk by @alokebajpai #unpluggd. Straight from the heart talk.Krish
If your aim is really high and you make half of it, its good enough. Don’t make small air and achieve them, anybody can do that #unpluggdIshan Vyas
#unpluggd @alokebajpai: Aim BIG, take BIG risksvvbellur
Aim big & Take big risks – Aloke #UnpluggdPluggd.in
Should I read the TRENDS as #unpluggd #RapistRahulJoker_Mocker
If the culture is right, everything else works out – aloke #UnpluggdPluggd.in
#unpluggd Alike Bajpai, @iXiGOrocks Cofounder http://pic.twitter.com/sT5t0ZDEvvbellur
We have more ppl talking abt IXIGO on FB & that’s more than any other e-business in India – Aloke #UnpluggdPluggd.in
+1 “@tovishalck: The skills and talent you have are never properly utilized in your job. So hit a startup and use the 100% of it #unpluggd ”Adi
Feed what the customers wants – aloke #unpluggdIshan Vyas
First 7 months, employees worked at half the salary #unpluggdashish sinha
For 7 months everyone at IXIGO were on half-day pay rolls – Aloke #UnpluggdPluggd.in
We followed up with Indian VCs and angels for 6 months and we got a term sheet from Singapore in one night. #vcsaid #unpluggdPratyush
We had phenomenal growth w.r.t repeat users; listen to your customers & respond honestly – Aloke #UnpluggdPluggd.in
Why Angola could be any different.http://samdailytimes.blogspot.com/2012/07/headline-july-7th-2012-worlds-richest.html #smashreadytoblast #unpluggd #RapistRahul#WishUponAHorse#weloveyouforUBERDarakshan Wajid
The best way to grow is to keep your users happy – Aloke #UnpluggdPluggd.in
The philosophy of building a startup at any point of time should be – pivot whenever necessary – Aloke Bajpai #UnpluggdPluggd.in
Use proper analytics and measurement to make decisions. Else you will be killed – aloke #unpluggdIshan Vyas
Does anybody really care about a feature? Profound by @alokebajpai at #unpluggdPratyush
#unpluggd http://ixigo.com was running from a box in their apartment on a DSL connection with dyndns.Jaya Jha
If your first launch does not make you feel embarrassed then you are launching too late. iXigo #UnpluggdBirla
Alok Bajpai is doing awesome. This is the kind of talks we need the whole day at #UnpluggdJaseem TS
The skills and talent you have are never properly utilized in your job. So hit a startup and use the 100% of it #unpluggd Agree totally!Vishal Kothari
#unpluggd @alokebajpai: http://ixigo.com just completed 5 years this Junevvbellur
I am #unpluggd and it feeeeels good ;)Arjun
When you are starting a company the only thing u have to do is think about your idea in loo and shower – aloke #unpluggdIshan Vyas
You only have two options in a job, either drink teacoffee or quit the job. #unpluggdIshan Vyas
My balance sheet when I was starting up: 10 lakhs of loan & 5 lakhs in savings – Aloke Bajpai #UnpluggdPluggd.in
The skills and talent you have are never properly utilized in your job. So hit a startup and use the 100% of it #unpluggdIshan Vyas
Signed up for #GitGrow. Not much value except that it shows me on a single page what I see on Google Analytics on multiple pages #UnpluggdVishal Kothari
Aloke Bajpai of IXIGO gears up for the last talk of the day and its called "50 shades of Orange" 🙂 #UnpluggdPluggd.in
"@sampad: "I wish there’s less cynicism and more optimism around startups" #startupWish #Unpluggd"Jags
"@pluggdin: You need two things to run e-commerce business in India – Luck & Money – Hitesh #Unpluggd"Jags
A proud moment for me today. The product Srini was working on @onarivu was showcased at @pluggdin today & it got a super response! #unpluggdSiri
#unpluggd is trending on the day of coke studio 2 launch.. weird :DAvil
Both brainteasing & curiously relaxing, a gud jigsaw puzzle is still one f d nation’s favorite ways 2 while away a rainy afternoon.#unpluggdInteresting Facts
#unpluggd with Ajay Devgn…..GAUTAM BALGI
#unpluggd – last talk for the day by Aloke Bajpai, iXiGo Cofounder [Topic: Fifty Shades of Orange ]vvbellur
#Unpluggd Suspision that this trend was started by Ajay Devgn.Sandesh Jain
Nice demos and speech in #Unpluggd . Worth it.Elam
I love and will always love to hear @AliZafarsays songs #unpluggd anytime, any place, …. any song … atleast for this lifetime. 😀 :DShruti Shahu
#RapistRahul is actually #unpluggd today what a combination??I C Gupta
want to watch Live event..but d http://www.NextBigWhat.com/live/ @pluggdin isn`t working 🙁 #unpluggdAditya Singh
#RapistRahul is #unpluggdYo Yo Roger Federer
Reminds me of @waghsuruchi last year "@Myd: Finally a woman on stage at #unpluggd Hopefully, not the only."Aditya Rao
Completely agree…."@pluggdin: My gut feeling – very difficult to run a company with many investors – Hitesh #Unpluggd"Anannya Debnath
#Unpluggd 2012 is coming to a close an its been a wonderful day. Congrats Ashish @cnha and the whole @pluggdin team for making it awesome!Jaseem TS
If your business model is disruptive than you can be the next big player – hitest from http://letsbuy.com #unpluggdIshan Vyas
"eCommerce is purely based on disruption" says Hitesh .. sustain for 2years and you could be profitable #unpluggdShyam Listens
Any chance of Jabong founder’s talk in the next #Unpluggd? Will be very much interesting.Jaseem TS
Hitesh says "In eCommerce people are still figuring out their inventory model. However, with Amazon is investing heavily in future #unpluggdShyam Listens
One of the most honest,no nonsense and funniest startup founder talk ever.Hitesh Dhingra of Letsbuy is the star of the house today #unpluggdVarun Khona
a Great talk by @hiteshdhingra at #unpluggd event @pluggdinViren Bhandari
I’m on travel #unpluggd :-)Selvakumar Nagulan
Even Amazon has their net profit is just about 1 billion dollars even after 15years. How is eCommerce relevant? Question at #unpluggdShyam Listens
Abe! "@PM0India: #RapistRahul is trending #unpluggd today"ashish sinha
"Meagre 1 billion dollar" ??? It take extreme guts to say that 😛 #UnpluggdJaseem TS
Ended up doing 100million in 3-4 years – Hitesh #unpluggdShyam Listens
"Last man standing will likely lead the game", Hitesh, http://LetsBuy.com on eCommerce as a bubble. #unpluggdShyam Listens
@cnha oops! Pardon my lack of knowledge of the other one #unpluggd @anaswara8Shyam Listens
You need two things to run e-commerce business in India – Luck & Money – Hitesh #Unpluggd<<wow,both things are largely out of ur control! :)Manik Kinra
Now going through #unpluggd tweets.Praku
"Market Research is important", as an answer to Will Market Research kill novelty #unpluggdShyam Listens
#unpluggd hearts are the best ….because they are honest and realDisha Sisodia
Hitesh Dhingra’s talk sounds honest. We’ll probably never know flipkart’s side of story, where there are more questions. 🙂 #unpluggdJaya Jha
He had sold his home to invest in his entrepreneurial venture, and he bought a bigger one back, so it worked for him #unpluggdShyam Listens
#RapistRahul is trending #unpluggd todayDr Manmohan Singh
Entrepreneurial journey is a once is a life time journey. You can never end the journey once you start it. #unpluggdIshan Vyas
I still have the fire to do another startup. – Hitesh Dhingra of letsbuy at #unpluggdSaiswaroopa Iyer
Give #gitgrow a try http://gitgrow.com and give us your valuable feedback. #unpluggdHarsha M V
Hitesh, http://LetsBuy.com wants to venture into something now that’s profitable from Day 1 #unpluggd http://pic.twitter.com/AF2ia3DSShyam Listens
#unpluggd trending in IndiaGaurav Bakshi
Dream is still unfulfilled, need to build a billion dollar company – Hitesh #UnpluggdPluggd.in
Very difficult to run a company with 8 investors in board, then @Flipkart strategic alliance took place. #unpluggdShyam Listens
#unpluggd trending in indiaIshan Vyas
My gut feeling – very difficult to run a company with many investors – Hitesh #UnpluggdPluggd.in
What if twitter gets #unpluggd while trending the same… :DSahil Anand
You need two things to run an Ecommerce business – luck and money. Hitesh at #unpluggdPratyush
@anaswara8 lot of such events. However #unpluggd seems different and happens just once an year.Shyam Listens
We were the fastest growing ecom company in 2011 – Hitesh #UnpluggdPluggd.in
You need two things to run e-commerce business in India – Luck & Money – Hitesh #UnpluggdPluggd.in
#gitgrow seems to be awesome in making sense of google analytics, specially on the go with their mobile-first approach. #unpluggdSunil Patro
Business went up 4 to 5 times in 3 months – Hitesh #unpluggdShyam Listens
Instamojo #Unpluggd Presentation http://imojo.in/Mc2bJh via @instamojomanish kumar
@shreyaghoshal & pitbull #unpluggdPat(with)trick
Tiger guys were shocked to see our small setup. But invested in us. Hitesh Dhingra at #unpluggdPratyush
Hitesh had to sell a floor of his house to fund for his venture Letsbuy! #unpluggdPrasanna
#unpluggd @hiteshdhingra, talking about his emotional entrepreneurial journey. http://pic.twitter.com/PwJ8DCWwvvbellur
Decided to sell a portion of the house for my startup – Hitesh #Unpluggd #startupsPluggd.in
Instincts make it happen – Hitesh, LetsBuy #unpluggdShyam Listens
Yay! @Myd: Finally a woman on stage at #unpluggd Hopefully, not the only.Akshay Surve
We reached out to almost all the angels for investments but all our efforts were in vain – Hitesh #UnpluggdPluggd.in
margin crunches , key people leaving. letsbuy got a boost from passionate trainees. Hitesh at #unpluggdSaiswaroopa Iyer
Not everyone in startups can take the brunt of a financial crunch – Hitesh, http://LetsBuy.com #unpluggdShyam Listens
Unirow allows full screen video conferencing with API facility, full scale integration with phone #unpluggd: Uni… http://bit.ly/PuzLiQWeb Video Technology
Hitesh gets bored every 1.5 – 2 years #unpluggdShyam Listens
While you are waiting for #IIFA Awards main show, watch #IIFA Weekend #unpluggd on http://www.youtube.com/IIFAIIFAAwardsOfficial
#unpluggd pluggdBrijesh Naykpura
Hitesh Dhingra of letsbuy. Expect a lot of success Gyan for entrepreneurs 🙂 #unpluggdSaiswaroopa Iyer
#unpluggd @hiteshdhingra, Letsbuy Founder.- sharing his entrepreneurial journey!vvbellur
Surprised at the huge trunout for unpluggd – HiteshPluggd.in
"Was living a predictible life.." Hitesh Dhingra, Letsbuy #UnpluggdJaseem TS
I don’t believe in taking right decisions, I take decisions and make them right – Ratan Tata – quoted by Hitesh Dhingra, LetsBuy #unpluggdShyam Listens
I don’t make right decisions, I take the decisions and make them right – ratan tata #unpluggdIshan Vyas
@amitranjan nice meeting you at #unpluggd. Sad to miss your talk todaySaiswaroopa Iyer
Hitesh of Letsbuy on the stage to talk about his startup journey #UnpluggdPluggd.in
Done with the startup presentations #UnpluggdPluggd.in
How many of you use #google-analytics ? #gitgrow #unpluggdHarsha M V
great to meet @1ndus at #unpluggdSaiswaroopa Iyer
#GitGrow simplifies Google #Analytics data to plain English. Neat idea, the last one at #unpluggd.Ashutosh Saxena
"We found that some customers had bad conv rate with IE users." #gitgrow Ya! IE users are stupid like that. 🙂 #unpluggdSaurabh Nanda
gitGrow helps companies increase the number of qualified leads to the company, identify new sources of customer acquisition #UnpluggdPluggd.in
Go sign up and test out gitgrow at http://gitgrow.com #unpluggd #gitgrowHarsha M V
GitGrow looks pretty COOL! #Unpluggd @pluggdinViren Bhandari
Prediction: GitGrow will be bought soon if they execute ok #unpluggdSameer Shisodia
#unpluggd gitgrow is next. analytics of web sites. in plain englishDeepak Shenoy
GitGrow integrates with Google analytics; pulls key metrics & provides a simple dashboard to view the indicators that matter. #UnpluggdPluggd.in
#unpluggd the Last Demo – GitGrow – Presentation by Vinita Ananth @vinitaananthvvbellur
Finally a woman on stage at #unpluggd Hopefully, not the only.Mydhili
At last women entrepreneurs on stage in #Unpluggd. Vinita from gitGrow.Birla
last demo by Gitgrow : personalized tips to optimize your website. At #unpluggdSaiswaroopa Iyer
GiltGrow, application that simplifies Web Analytics, understand recommendations #unpluggdShyam Listens
Daily personalized tips to help optimize websites #GitGrow #UnpluggdPluggd.in
Repeat after me. Thou shalt not do live demo. #unpluggdJaya Jha
The last demo for the day by GitGrow #UnpluggdPluggd.in
Unpluggd live http://ping.fm/1odEOBirla
#unpluggd unirow: not sure i like that the answer to ‘why not google hangout’ is ‘we’re not focussing on the free bazaar’Deepak Shenoy
Meanwhile my twitter stream is full of updates from #unpluggdRaj Waghray
Day pinky boy Indus at Unpluggd http://instagr.am/p/MxodhZGi5p/Mukund Mohan
GitGrow is getting ready to present at Unpluggd http://instagr.am/p/MxoZCVmi5m/Mukund Mohan
MT @deepakshenoy: #unpluggd unirow, an internet based collaboration service, this could be coupled with supportbee for live support :)Pluggd.in
Not XMPP integration , just SIP integration on Unirow #unpluggdShyam Listens
#unpluggd unirow, an internet based collaboration service. you know this could be coupled with supportbee to provide live supportDeepak Shenoy
@saurabhnanda Good to meet you at #unpluggd. Great presentation :)Alok Jain
Okay for the last time : #Preparation is more exciting & lot more work than actual performance & the #accolades accompanying! #unpluggdKaustav Songman
http://Pluggd.in/live is being live streamed by uniRow #UnpluggdPluggd.in
Nowdayz Twitter friendz are #unpluggdRam’z
Unirow call can be accessed via VOIP or phone. It can be joined via a link #unpluggdShyam Listens
With uniRow, users can host a video conference, organize webinars and live stream events #UnpluggdPluggd.in
SupportBee keeps it simple, elegant and easy to get started with. Nice. #unpluggdSameer Shisodia
Unirow allows full screen video conferencing with API facility, full scale integration with phone #unpluggdShyam Listens
GazeMetrics gives the advertisers a bang for the buck they have already paid. Makes sense when that buck is in millions #unpluggdVarun Khona
Gaze metrix looks really cool. Brand analysis software fit video impressions #unpluggdShrinath V
#unpluggd Demo 8 UniRow – a live collaboration platform! @unirowlivevvbellur
If you’re interested in the #Indian startup scene, it’s worth following #UnpluggdJags Parbha
teri meri kahani nowadays #unpluggdSHASHANK KUMAR ?
#unpluggd great product by uberlabs that detects logos shown in videos or tv.Deepak Shenoy
heh! 😀 * giggling @skbohra123 Got locked in bathroom 🙁 #unpluggdYouHadMeAtHi
"Exposure of brand logo not on impact" question by audience #unpluggdShyam Listens
#unpluggd Demo 7 @UberLabs launches gazeMetrix – which measures brand presence in TV streams and internet videos and social platforms!vvbellur
#UberLabs helps you analyze videos and hunt for logos. #gazeMetrix is an awesome product. #unpluggdAshutosh Saxena
gazeMetrix you guys are awesome. Best wishes. #UnpluggdBirla
Instances of the Logo instances and time spans and overall visibility and even inclination in a video #unpluggdShyam Listens
Check out funny AR demo video of Steve Jobs praising #arivu at #unpluggd http://youtu.be/Kk1lYNGL0z8arivu
gazeMetrix allows brands to measure – total visibility in seconds; logo size wrt the screen; logo position information etc #UnpluggdPluggd.in
@vinitaananth Good Luck with the presentation #gitgrow #unpluggdMink7
#unpluggd Demo 7 UberLabs @UberLabs – They create state of the art computer vision based object recognition platform.vvbellur
Events like #Unpluggd by @pluggdin show how wonderful the startup ecosystem is in India. Bravo Ashish! @cnha Thank u for the stream :))Viren Bhandari
@Instamojo claimed it! ha! #unpluggdvvbellur
Reverie launches an sdk to build Indian language apps. V cool. #unpluggdSameer Shisodia
Interesting support application by #SupportBee built on top of Gmail. #unpluggdAshutosh Saxena
Like the logo, presentation slide and design of #supportbee #UnpluggdJaseem TS
.@AviShastry demoing @supportbee right now at unpluggd. Live stream – http://www.NextBigWhat.com/live/SupportBee
Unlike traditional s/w’s, tkts in SupportBee have only 2 states – Answered & Unanswered #Unpluggd #easyticketmanagementPluggd.in
SupportBee is a simple help desk software that doesn’t kill your company’s human face 🙂 – Avinasha #UnpluggdPluggd.in
#Unpluggd Demo 6 SupportBee – @supportbee – A Simple and Snappy Help Desk Software that doesn’t kill your Human Face http://www.supportbee.comvvbellur
Reverie nails it. Glocalisation at its very best. #unpluggdVarun Khona
So giving away our #Unpluggd PPT on @Instamojo http://imojo.in/Mc2bJh Claim it to get it. Only 100 copies available.Instamojo
Reverie looks Awesome!! #unpluggd @pluggdinViren Bhandari
With Reverie’s app users can render texts and fonts to enable text display; also cross language string matching can happen #UnpluggdPluggd.in
#unpluggd Arvind from Reverie http://pic.twitter.com/RCOogkpNvvbellur
#Unpluggd next set of #startup demos First up – Reverie Langauage Technologies Pvt. Ltd @reverietechvvbellur
792 million Indians don’t know English. Reverie language technologies at #unpluggdSaiswaroopa Iyer
Done with the office hours with Nexus Venture Partners and Arvind from Reverie presents his startup now #UnpluggdPluggd.in
@deepakshenoy are you here at #unpluggd event?Prasanna
Thoroughly enjoyed Paul Shoker’s talk on enterprise sales at #Unpluggd, but not sure how much of it applies to direct retail sales.Kiran Jonnalagadda
Dezyre, an online academy that provides training in job related skills pitches to the Nexus Venture Partners #UnpluggdPluggd.in
office hours by nexus venture partners #unpluggdSaiswaroopa Iyer
#unpluggd Next up – Office Hours – Nexus Venture Partners! Anu Roop Sameer and Harshavvbellur
" #unpluggd most common mistakes sales people make –when they win, the forget to account manage.” Well Said by Paul ShokerJatin R Narang
#unpluggd !!!!Julian. S
Attending the #UnPluggd event at Bangalore. http://instagr.am/p/MxhaAVqukY/Jaseem TS
For all who’d like to check an #artist ‘s album : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1416790780900.58446.1266524703&type=3&l=b8915a3658 #MentionSomeoneBeautiful #unpluggdKaustav Songman
Got locked in bathroom 🙁 #unpluggdShree Kant
The biggest truth in sales. "@pluggdin: People buy people and not products – Paul Shoker #unpluggd"Aditya Kandala
Fyi, @deobrat of @UberLabs is going to demo today at #unpluggddebayan
If all this crowd here is into startups then we have serious scene #unpluggdShree Kant
I hope #unpluggd event will be available for later viewing also. Great job Ashish! @cnha the event is Awesome! :))Viren Bhandari
#unpluggd Paul Shoker presenting at the unplugged event! http://pic.twitter.com/2b6Iqk1Hvvbellur
"I can I will I must" say five times every morn via poul shoker amazing thought for entrepreneurs #unpluggdShon Roy
Don’t build sales strategy on one person #paul #unpluggdPrasanna
#unpluggd great talk by Paul on sales dnaShree Kant
#unpluggd – Brilliant Brilliant presentation by Paul Shoker!vvbellur
Talk on sales skills in startup conference is odd. But Paul shoker made it worth while #UnPluggd Srix
Paul says at #Unpluggd that you have to hand hold your early customers. I am not taking risk with that advice for sure.Birla
#unpluggd DNA of a sales professional – Confidence, self belief & passion > AFE > Attitude, Focus, Executionvvbellur
@pluggdin Just that such information is not always available first-hand 🙂 #UnpluggdGaurav Srivastava
#unpluggd most common mistakes sales people make – Fail to: listen, re-qualify, ask for the order, negotiate, walk awayvvbellur
now at #unpluggd. great talk by slideshare founder Amit Ranjan.Deepak Shenoy
Same! "@jayajha: The advantage of staying around for long enough. "Oh! http://Pothi.com. I have heard about it." #unpluggd"ashish sinha
#unpluggd DNA of a sales professional – They know when to walk away!vvbellur
#unpluggd DNA of a sales professional – The art is to get the other guy to talkvvbellur
Wow Paul puts someone to sleep here. I listen snores in balcony. #unpluggdJagan Ganti
#unpluggd DNA of a sales professional – To effectively listen and communicate valuevvbellur
Hey @pluggdin Thanks for all the support. Loving the time at #unpluggdOK Listen!
#unpluggd DNA of a sales professional – team players, Networkvvbellur
#unpluggd DNA of a sales professional – Speak the customer languagevvbellur
#unpluggd DNA of a sales professional – Pro-active, professional, articulate and punctualvvbellur
@matvin tell him, the investors have a free give away fund #unpluggdIshan Vyas
@SaiVerdure Unfortunately i am not there. following # tag and tweets from the awesome people out there. #unpluggdPradeep Chaudhary
@pratyushp yes 🙂 #unpluggdPradeep Chaudhary
@pradeepkol are you at #unpluggd ?Saiswaroopa Iyer
@anool I think #unpluggd guys would put it up video soon cc: @cnhaInstamojo
Hey.. a guy is sleeping beside me during this amazing session in #unpluggd. You say what I should do ?Mathews Vincent
So are you attending #Unpluggd for Gyan or networking. I am guessing it is networking for most of the folks.Birla
awesome! "@varunkhona: Don’t think big, that’s small. Think massive! – Paul Shoker #unpluggd"Theodore Mseka
Understand the customer’s business inside out & outside in incl the culture, poeple etc – Paul Shoker #UnpluggdPluggd.in
#unpluggd We’re loving it! The quality of #India based #startups is improving by leaps and bounds.Team JobsXS
Can someone post pics of slides, the live stream doesnt focus on the slides #unpluggdAbhishek Mathur
@pradeepkol thanks man 🙂 #unpluggdSampad Swain
Also know when to walk away – Paul Shoker reg DNA of a Sales professional #UnpluggdPluggd.in
@sangfroid we would bring in more options soon. Till then FB is the only option #unpluggdInstamojo
Speaking the customers language got me to the boardrooms – Paul Shoker #unpluggdPluggd.in
@PrabalDave But this link is not working how to you access this link #unpluggdRavi Kiran
Now Watching #unpluggd event live streaming on http://www.NextBigWhat.com/live/Prabal Dave
"Sell yourself , not product. People buy people. " by Paul Shoker #unpluggdSunil Patro
Is there free wifi available at the #Unpluggd event? @pluggdinJaseem TS
#UnPluggd: Livestreaming http://bit.ly/M350JXI C Gupta
insider status with a customer, a important ingredient in competitive sales. Paul Shocker at #unpluggdSaiswaroopa Iyer
@anjaligupta Still around. At Unpluggd all day. Leaving tomorrow. But let me call you next week for sureVijay Basrur
I am here at #unpluggd http://pic.twitter.com/hp4JNJ37Aman Alam
Interesting 2×2 matrix on playing fields for startups by paul shoker at #unpluggdShrinath V
Can hardly hear anything on the streaming #unpluggdAbhishek Mathur
Paul shoker at #unpluggd started……Kishore
Paul shoker’s journey #unpluggdJagan Ganti
Amazing turnout at the #unpluggd event! Next is Paul Shoker from Venture Fundpingaala
Join me for a #unpluggd TweetChat at: http://tweetchat.com/room/unpluggd #unpluggdAbhishek Mathur
#unpluggd Great demos by @instamojo and @onArivu! looking fwd for the next set of demos! good luck to the rest of #startupsvvbellur
#unpluggd Next up – Paul Shoker – a serial entrepreneur with 27 years Senior Executive Management experience.vvbellur
pluGGd.in Ashish Sinha why #unpluggd never happen in mumbai since last 2 years ? any big time dushmani…. entire… http://fb.me/CudY6k3SVishal Gupta
@ #unpluggd bangalore. Some cool startups demos and talksLijo Isac
Agree! That’s why we chose them "@shrinathv: Vacation labs seems to have hit upon a real problem to solve. #unpluggd"Pratyush
Clear and confident talk and demo by @vacationlabs team #UnpluggdJaseem TS
heck, without threads even @twitter’s promoted tweets are drowned in #unpluggd or @pandodaily monthly spamBalaji Ganesan
#unpluggd @onarivu http://pic.twitter.com/KqcioLbKvvbellur
Slides from my talk at Unpluggd Bangalore yesterday http://www.slideshare.net/AmitRanjan/the-slideshare-story-unpluggd-bangalore-7th-july-2012/27Amit Ranjan

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